31 Aug 2010

Finishing things.......

Need to finish things.......its the only way that I'll allow myself to start my FoW Germans. Still in the production list are.....

Scenery set for Silverfox - Started.
SotTR figures - Nearly finished.
Tyranids Pods - Started.

Warmachine and just about everything else is being benched so I can have good crack at doing my FoW stuff and producing scenery to go with them.


Flames of War!

My will power was finally eroded last weekend. One cracking game of Flames of war and I was helpless to resist. It didn't help with Urn and the Silverback talking about a new webstore selling FoW cheap but the final blow was the offering of a discount voucher (thanks to the Silverback).

The toys were ordered within hours of the game and arrived a few days later...........

....just need to resist starting them until I've finished one or two other projects.

8 Aug 2010

Incoming! Daemon Prince

Good afternoon and welcome to a lazy Sunday here in August.

So yesterday Clinton and I spent the day playing 40K over at Triple Helix in Westbury. We used 1950 points a side of his Wolves v my Daemons. I took the Daemons as I noticed I haven't used them all year and fancied throwing something different at the Wolves.

In the end we had 2 very, very close games and the Daemons came out on top twice! The second game we managed to win even though only 8 Bloodletters were left on the table; you have to love objective missions right...

Whilst there we popped into their shop and lo and behold they had some of the new Daemon stuff on sale. Now this was most upsetting obviously and in order to appease my wallet I ended up buying just the Daemon Prince.

Today I decided to spend an hour putting him together and, in line with all the latest plastics from GW, he's blooming marvellous. Mine is going to have the Mark of Slaanesh and as you can see below he's fully winged up. He's since been undercoated but will not be painted until the cowboys are done.

Thousand Son is included for scale comparisons...

Of course the only problem now is that with 3 other Chaos Marine armies sat in boxes I just know that I could do with a couple more of these lovely beasties!