31 Jul 2013

More Shaltari


Having little hobby sessions at my desk at work is awesome. This morning before 9am I got the Firedrake put together.

Nice model. I get the impression, from the experimental rules, that this thing could be quite tasty!

29 Jul 2013


Well I'm ready for Season One of the GoG Dreadball Cup!!

I plumped for the Zzor as they were one of the races not already snaffled up by the GoGs and I also thought they looked fun to paint........however.......

....Locusts? Locusts don't exactly fill me with dread. Don't get me wrong: if I was an African farmer with 5 Trillion locusts eyeing my lettuces I would be concerned. But I ain't. So I ain't.

Wasps. Much scarier.

So let me introduce the starting line up for the West Side Wasps.

DropZone Arrives

I thought I'd break up the Eddy and Tea Urn show temporarily!!

DropZone Commander has arrived in the world of Von: please say hello to the Scourge. They've been sat patiently waiting for some paint and the challenge of painting non-40K stuff prior to our GoG day in August was too good an opportunity to miss.

As usual I've deliberately kept the colour palette small and learning from previous outings with small scale models I also wanted to keep them fairly bright. So a bit of Army Painter Alien Purple + Citadel Caledor Sky and Lothern Blue and here we are.

Hunter MGT

Reaper AAGT

Invader APC

Warrior Horde

Marauder Medium Dropship

The Vehicles
So that's DzC sorted (and no I'm not tempted to go off and purchase reinforcements.... ahem....)

Also fixed the Scots for SAGA today that a cat wiped out previously: long story. Re-based them as well and now just need to paint the fixed bits. I have extra blisters to expand to a 6point army but that's not going to happen before our GoG Day. Maybe next time.

Next up are the Orx Dreadball team now officially christened Brusier Dorxmund. Pics to follow once I have some paint on them.

25 Jul 2013

The daemonic incursion continues.....

The next unit in my fledging daemon army is one of 20 bloodletters...... And boy do these come in lots of parts!

2 separate legs, head in two pieces, body and two separate arms. Lots of cutting and filing off the flash lines for them to be ready but I still think they need some green stuff filling around their waists and foreheads. Definitely a job for another day......

Anyway, the champion is a conversion using an old bloodletter axe, from when they came with those, and a beastman body. This makes him stand out a little, which will mean I have no excuse when he dies in a hail of fire because I've put him at the front of a unit.

I've used the same resin industrial bases which ties them into the rest of the army and also gives them a pleasing weight on the bottom.
Following the green stuff, a paint job in traditional red awaits I think.

19 Jul 2013

Rounding off the week.....

Well I'm just about to be off for a week camping and doing all sort of family so I thought I'd post the last of this weeks efforts.

Some more DZC stuff and some of the new shiny bits for my Eldar.

Have a good week folks!!

Converted ork war bikes finished - cyboars!

Here they are, completed and ready to oink onto the tabletop :)

I haven't really highlighted any of my other orks as, frankly, there are just too many of them! I also rely on the "look" of massed boyz making up for this. But I couldn't go that route with these chaps as they were just crying out to be highlighted, so everything got a highlight or a dry brush, except for the metal that I decided to leave as it was to look grimy.

17 Jul 2013

Sarky B******d!

I was chitter chatting to Urn during my game against the BFG last night and I happened to mention that I had been quite productive lately on the hobby side of life. Urn's response was "yeah. I saw that on the blog......oh" all delivered with a big cheesy grin. Git.

But he is correct. I have been remiss in posting lately.

So to round up my recent activities:

Old school Wraightlords stripped and the best bits rebuilt as War Walkers which are nearly fully painted
Crimson Hunter constructed and painting has commenced
Painting underway on the new Avatar
Warightknight constructed and undercoated
DW KoB land forces prepared and now undercoated
Dreadball team prepped and undercoated
9 Eldar Jetbikes painted
6 more Jetbikes undercoated

Yeah! Been busy!

I'm been trying to use spare time better and it is succeeding at the moment. Lunchtimes at work, the little time before and after work and all it takes is a little box of hobby bits on the corner of the desk and you can quickly get shifted lots of the prep work that needs doing before painting. Obviously you need an understanding boss and colleagues who accept your oddness. ;-D

16 Jul 2013

And now for something completely different....

So, after Eddie's eldar obliterated the BFG's tyranid menace (it was horrible, a running assault army into the teeth of the wave serpents..... Tabled by turn 4. And it only took that long because of the doom of Malantai.....) I decided not to bother with a battle report.

But I did manage to get these chaps (and ladies) done for infinity!
Hopefully they'll give me the incentive to get my scenery finished as I'll have something to play on it. Once they've rudely elbowed their way into the painting queue of course......

9 Jul 2013

Staying focused

I'm really pleased with myself at the moment because I've managed to stay focused. You know what it's like as a wargamer, you're pulled from project to project without properly finishing the old one and so you leave lots of things behind, half done.

Well, not me anymore! I have a zen like attention to getting things done now and so I proudly present to you my latest work on getting the cyboars finished!

Errrrrr, wait a minute.... That can't be right.... Let me try again.... Perhaps it's this picture instead?

Dammit, not that one either!

Yep, you guessed it, focus has strayed once again.....having recently picked up the daemon codex and having some daemon figures already in my collection, I told myself that I only needed the book to use them as allies..... But I knew that I was just lying to myself and so a swift order to triple helix followed and these are the first two units. I dived straight into them as it seems silly to buy stuff just to sit on a shelf (not that we all do that often, right?) and so last night I sat in the watch if the evening and got cracking.

I made the bases for the flesh hounds (chaos hounds are far cheaper than the finecast "proper" ones so I followed Nick's lead) myself out of textured plasticard and the plaguebearers get resin ones.

Really hoping to get these done before my butterfly like attention span takes me elsewhere, so wish me luck!

4 Jul 2013

The kabal's back in town

Just before Nick's tournament quite a while ago I chronicled my attempt to get my dark eldar done. I was pleased to get lots done, but sadly lots more was only basecoated.... And after the tournament they went away I'm their box and didn't come out again.

Now, dark eldar are one of my favourite armies, so it was a crying shame that I was just too embarrassed of the unfinished painting to ever actually use them. So I finally decided to fix it!

Here are some warriors, darkened the green and then added hard edge highlights. Little bit wobbly in places, but it is all about pushing yourself to improve I guess! The skin they are wearing as loincloths also got some treatment, as did the brass metal parts and I'm pleased with the overall effect.
I've since finished the five standing in the background, but they give you an idea if the "unfinished" scheme and how it has changed.

Next up was the two venoms. These really were half finished and had the same treatment as the warriors to bring them up to scratch. Still a little wobbly in places, but again I'm pleased with them and am no longer too embarrassed to actually put them on the table!

More infinity scenery

For those of you following the blog on a minute by minute basis, here us the recently promised infinity scenery update.

First up, cherry blossom trees. eBay for the trees form HK for a snip (£5 or so) and the pots from AW. I just need to fill in the gaps around the trees (the pots are solid resin so I had to drill the to take the trees) and I'll have another far eastern influence for my infinity board.

Next up, the pieces of scatter terrain that I've finished from AW. Really nice stuff this and I now need to get all this stuff put away so that I can get on with making an urban board to put it all on!

Cyboars arrive!

Ok, so this is something I've been meaning to do for years, quite literally.

Given how old school 40k I am, I always liked the clan structures of the orks, hence my painting if the boys in colour coded schemes. To further add variety and theme to the force I wanted to do cyboars as my war bikers. Finally I got around to it and here they are!

WFB boar rider bodies, wheels from trucks and lots and lots of bits (thanks silverback for the very generous use of your bits box!)

The ork planes came in very handy for exhausts and wheel covers (the spare engine coverings) and deff dredd and killer arms helped a lot too. Enjoy the piccies :)

Infinity scenery

So, couple if posts to come catching up on some infinity scenery that I've been plugging away at in what little time I've had.

First up, some £4 woodcut buildings from eBay in a far eastern style that I hope suits my Yu Jing plans..... I had to increase the wall height on one using some nice beading dr home base. I then added some wood stain and then added some hexagonal roofing tiles from Warbases and the some "force field" doors then I had custom made (I have a tonne of shapes for this, so expect them to just keep appearing on scenery) and hen a couple of AW pieces to help "futurise" them.

The wooden Tori gate I just made from balsa offcuts and the sign was custom etched by warbases for 30p!

My theory is that even in the world I infinity, they have little garden areas for the citizens to relax..... But the overbearing authorities still bug them for any seditious talk......!