23 Apr 2018

Plugging away

I managed to finish off the wall sections and gate house for my planned 30K strongpoint attack games. All the pieces in this were great to paint and I'm pleased I've painted them all together to keep the colour scheme consistent.

The appearance of the sun lately meant I got to do some spraying as well. The Sylvaneth were done along with the ridiculously large crane that I brought from TTCombat a while back.

I've also started the base colours on the Sylvaneth. I want to get the bulk of them done over the next month or so to enable me to focus back upon Pulp City and the VSF stuff.

My tally was helped with finishing stuff but blown out again by the recent purchasing of some Forgebane stuff. Still, at least I am getting stuff painted.

Purchased: 118
Painted:     -145

Net:           -27


10 Apr 2018

Some progress....

...but it doesn't feel like much.

I've been plugging away at my new AoS army. The Sylvaneth are all together now apart from the GW woods which I need to do but I want to do the army first.

Dryads are done baring the 4 I've still got coming. I got 48 Dryads with the starter sets but I wanted to round that up to 50 so I'd have full units so I ordered a sprue of 4 to get me to the 50 mark. I was then later sipping all the spares away and discovered that some of the bits from Treelord sprues work well combined with dryad bits. That gave me another 8 dryads emerging from the ground and will take me up to 60 once the extra sprue arrives! Nice!

The big 'uns are some nice models but ooooh soooo spikey! Now to wait for dry weather so I spray the little beggers.

Last night I wanted to paint so the scenery for my 30K siege plan got bumped up the queue. Just the first grey colour applied with a heavy drybrush but its a start.


7 Apr 2018

GoG X - The army begins!........ Just not the one I was first planning.....

Well, my resolution to start and finish an Empire/Free Peoples army lasted exactly one post and one long session sticking almost everything I needed together.  "Why on earth is that?" I hear you ask.... well, I blame the Butterfly.  You see, I'd prepped and sprayed some elves (aelves now I suppose under GW's new IP conscious naming conventions.....) and I thought to myself "you know, I think I'll finish these off before starting the Free Peoples".  And whilst doing this, I looked on eBay and "accidentally" found 40 more GW elves that I liked the look of.  I put in a moderate bid, expecting to get beaten and then promptly went and won it.  My mind was then made up, Aelves it would be!  I already had a fair few hanging around looking for a reason to get painted, so the plan was amended......

And just a couple of days late, here are my first 350 points for March.  First up, the offending aelves who had been sprayed and who caused this change of decision.....
30 spear aelves, ready for action.  These are the old high elf sculpts and as GW has basically disowned this line as they no longer sell them, they only have old legacy rules and don't seem to work as part of any type of army.  So I've decided to use most of the army as "Wanderers", who are wood elves to old school players. 
The army will be from the old High Elf territory of Chrace, which is famed for its rugged countryside, forests and wild lions.  Yep, lions :)  I figure that ties the whole wood elf thing in nicely.  An old ebay win included 32 Finecast Chrace shields and it seemed like the perfect time to use them.

As I look at these pictures I note that one of them still needs the black edging done on his base!  I'll head off to do that after posting this.... These lads come to 210 points for the unit, so here's the rest of my painting work to get to the 330-ish target - Lion Rangers!

These chaps are the elite of the fighting force of Chrace, so massive double handed axes and angry expressions all round it is then.  I've got a load more of these to paint as they were my surprise eBay win, so it's a good job I enjoyed painting them!  Even if they do have enough fur to make PETA march angrily on GW HQ en masse.....
140 points for these chaps, so 350 painted this month and probably more Lion Rangers next month before the more unusual units begin......

.....unless another army grabs my attention of course!