29 Apr 2016

A little lunchtime activity.

With me starting on painting the DW stuff, my mind has turned to the Dystopian Legions pile that I've had for......far....too....long.

Off to work it goes and I'm planning to plug away prepping a couple of figures each lunchtime until they are already for a mass undercoating session in a few months. I might have actually finished painting the DW by then so these stand a chance of seeing the business end of a paint brush this year finally.

That is unless 30K or one of the other much neglected piles of figures inspires me more.

I had actually completely forgotten how much of a pain in the bum prepping metal figures was but it should be worth it as I am looking forward to painting the Britannians and their Prussian counterparts.


28 Apr 2016

Slow Going.

The decision to use a Vallejo air brush paint applied with a brush is still one that I would make again but......sheesh it makes for slow painting. The thin paint takes at least three layers over the white undercoat to give a decent finish. It is worth it in the end as it really helps keep the fine detail on the lovely little Spartan figures.

So....I'll just keep plugging away at them.


15 Apr 2016

A little DW progress

On to stage two of painting the Prussian Land forces for DW.

I'd started with a layer of sprayed white undercoat and onto this was painted a steel colour that I'd watered down with an airbrush dilutant. I don't really use water anymore because the dilutants give such a good result.

Once dry, the steel colour was given a coat of Nuln Oil and between this and the watered down steel I've managed to keep the detail on the models clean and sharp. I have to say that I'm pretty pleased how they are going so far. I just hope that my choice of main colour doesn't let them down.


They make a nice change from painting 28mm!


12 Apr 2016

And now for something completely different.

The big game at the weekend was a real blast! It was really awesome to see all the 30K armies on the table as I think everyone has really stepped up their game painting wise.

Just a shame that I neglected to take.....any photos at all.

I was really rather caught up in the game so that's my excuse.

However having painted something in the region of 1700 points of Iron Hands since February, I think a break from the scarlet and gold is in order. So this has lead me to start on some of my Dystopian Wars land forces as I've had loads of this stuff lying around for ages untouched. I am resolved to get at least one force of this completed over the next month or so.

Last night saw the start of this with the diddly wee tankies getting their first lick of paint. I suspect that the massed Prussian Empire forces that I seem to have acquired with take a little while to get through.

Arse. just noticed that I've missed painting the base trim on that front one. Harumpf.

I know what I'm doing first tonight now.


30k big fight - charge!!!

So, the moment that we've been planning ever since the silverback went and bought the first Horus Heresy book at Lenton (right after we talked at length about the 30k line and how it was too expensive to get into..... Sigh) - we finally got all of our stuff in the table!

The game was the mechanicum holding the middle and five forces pouring in from the corners to try and take them out

Watch out for those iron hands in the distance (in alternate armour colour)

And now a little closer

The daemons attack....

Get on with it slow coaches! Those three lonely imperial fists are the only survivors of their storm eagle being one-shotted by that sicarian in the top right

Bundle! This is about the point the daemons discovered how hard the mechanicum stuff was, even in combat.

A great day was had by all and a jolly close game that saw units removed by the bucketload and the 30k carnage starts here.

6 Apr 2016

The Deadline is looming!!!

I'm still plugging away at to get these bits finished in time for the weekend.

The transfers are on and I actually managed to get the weathering done as well but the photo was taken before that.

Tonight they'll get a coat of gloss varnish, tomorrow night the matt varnish will go on and on Friday night, just in time, the dreadnought bases will get painted and static grass will be added.

So all things being equal they should all be ready. So that's an additional 755 points added in the last two weeks. I can't let the momentum slow tho' as I've still got a fair whack of stuff to do for the Heresy Era. Loving it!


1 Apr 2016

And Another!

Last thing to join the batch painting parade.

tonight the second coat goes on all of these hopefully to get them ready for next weekend.