8 Sept 2015


Yup we've moved from monochrome to full 16 bit colour!

I really like the interior doors. The picture doesn't show the laser etching particularly well but they are really cool. I'm of a mind to get enough of the corridors done soon so we can play through the scenarios in the Forgeworld book "The Aphelion Project". 'Nids vs Marines and IG fighting in a research base.

Could be good.



4 Sept 2015

A quick update.

It's been a busy week so I've not managed to get a lot done but I did manage to make a little progress on some doors for the Spartan Scenics. Just got to add a bit more colour to them and then they be all done.

The little striped oblongs are the top parts to be fitted to the rather nice acrylic interior doors that come with the set. I neglected to photo those obviously but they are pretty neat with a funky "Aliens" Med lab feel to them.