23 Apr 2014

The Path to Heresy

Well the GoGs have tipped over the edge into insanity once more.

Yup. We let our heads get turned by 30K. War during the Horus Heresy Era.

What's not to like? It is all the fluff we fell in love with all those years back with White Dwarf (when it was good) articles dripping in short stories with marines fighting marines, brother warring against brother with titans stomping Land Raiders in the back ground.


However.......the HH stuff ain't exactly cheap so I've decided to be as frugal as possible as I construct my Iron Hands. With this in mind I have been on recce sniffing out possible cheaper alternatives. Part of me wanted to go for the older 30K feel so plastic current marines are out but I came across Anvil Industries website and their Medieval range of figures struck me as being perfect.

Hats off to Anvil. Good product, good price and excellent service! I was missing something from the order when it arrived and I sent an email that afternoon and by morning they had responded and by lunchtime I had the missing pieces. Excellent service!

So I have started putting these little fellas together with the first five being an autocannon squad using heavy weapons from PDC Gamings 2013 KS campaign. I also got one or their gun carriages which I have the distinct impression might well turn into a rapier quad lascannon. The next tranche of Anvil stuff is going together now to form a twenty strong infantry squad. The last five I suspect will become another support squad with grav guns or volkite calivers.

I have twenty five Scibor armoured bodies as well which will become Gorgon terminators and a massive breacher squad. With the inclusion of my original beakies repainted I should have plenty of troops to be going on with. I still need to do some homemade iconography but I can slap those on afterwards. For now I just need to scratch the builders itch by getting these guys put together.

Vehicles wise, I already have two old rhinos and an old whirlwind/predator chassis ready to tweak and paint so it comes down to what big tankies do I want to build for myself and how do I go about that? We shall see!


14 Apr 2014

Next Batch of DG

So my work today continues.

Can I just say that liquid green stuff makes sticking together resin a lot easier than ever before. But I have found sticking bodies down a lot easier for those fiddle arms bit.  So here is a commander, 5 grave warden bodies, 2x apothecaries and the guy who calls down the bombardments!!!

Death Guard - started

So here is my first real death guard 30k unit, and what a start!  10 Deathshroud terminators reporting for duty.

FW have learnt a little and now pair arms to weapon, so less time going through 10 arms and 5 weapons  trying to get the right set!  Nice touch 

11 Apr 2014

Day 1 - stuck fingers

I must be out of practice, I stuck my fingers together!!!

10 Apr 2014

A little progress.

Last night I got the last four Yu Jing I have put together and, thanks to a spot of sunshine at lunchtime, I managed to get them undercoated at work today along with the Steward Tanks for my DW KoB.

There is a pretty good chance that the infinity figures are going to get a lick of paint tonight as I am pretty motivated on these at the moment.


8 Apr 2014

A slow boiler.

I've been continuing to collect the Spartan Dystopian Wars stuff long after the GoGs dalliance with DW Naval a few years back. It speaks to me as a genre and I think I've always had a hankering to play a game with lots of iddy biddy tanks. DW has it and also zeppelins and giant robots. Really.....what more could you ask for?

I came to the conclusion that this was going to be a long slow boiling project for me and as such I have been adding to the collection slowly when ever I have seen the stuff on sale at discount prices. Wayland Games, slow and a bit crap as they are, have had several sales with the DW stuff being discounted quite heavily. I have taken advantage of this more than once! ;-)

Last summer I started basing and undercoating Kingdom of Britannia forces and moved purchasing away from them and on to the Prussians as the secondary force. Last week some recent purchases arrived (eventually) from Wayland and as I added them to the Prussian pile I made the realisation that.......

..........I seem to have brought quite a lot for the Prussians. So much so that I now think they outnumber the plucky Brits!!! Only one answer to that!

I'd already brought some Steward tanks when Armoured Clash was launched and it struck me that I should get these ready to be painted with the rest of the prepared stuff. A quick job and after a squirt of white undercoat they will be ready to join the rest of the Kob in the painting queue. But a couple of Stewards is not going to be enough to face the Prussians!! So that'll be me keeping my Ebay eye on KoB stuff to slowly bolster the ranks.

You never know. I might get round to painting some of this stuff........one day.



My First 150 points....

....of Yu Jing for Infinity are finished.

After finding the fine detail of the Infinity figures a little daunting to paint, they actually turned out to be quite fun!

I went for simple colours with a limited palette and I'm intending to continue this colour scheme for the whole faction. I didn't do any blending but instead used a wet palette and watered the paint with a dilutant rather than water. This kept the coats of paint thin and reduces the loss of fine detail.

After painting I used a little flesh wash on the faces but let the army painter dip solution pick all the detail out with one thin careful coat.

Having already purchased some additional forces for the Yu Jing I decided to get cracking on them. I got five put together last night.....

....leaving only four more to do.
I'm not quite sure what to move on to after I finish these as I have DZC stuff started and also loads of the Spartan scenery under way. Despite that I have a hankering to start messing around with some stuff to get my Horus Heresy Iron Hands under way. I have some stuff on order but there are some Scibor bodies in my draw that I am intending to use for special units. They keep whispering to me.........buildsss usssss.

Or I could just make the Knight titan currently giving me evils from the pile.

Choices choices.


4 Apr 2014

Quick update!

I've not been up to much lately due to a bout of the lurgy but I have managed to finish off my Spartan scatter scenery and progress my Yu Jing for Infinity. Expect another update soon!!