30 Jan 2009

Another Trukk bites the dust

Well here we go, 1000pts done and dusted. To be honest it is more like 980 but who cares, it will all work out in the end.

This month it was the usual 1 Trukk, 10 Boyz with a Nob with bosspole and a Powerklaw, but the real change was a big shooter as opposed to a rokkit launcher. I have used the Nob from the Kommandos for a bit of difference.

Also I added, a Nob Biker for one of the squads with a bosspole and an 'uge choppa and another normal biker.

Now I know the more cynical of you might be thinking I have been a wiz at photoshop, so to prove I have really done 3 trukks and 30 odd boyz etc, here is the army en masse. I hope you all think that the overall look and feel is as good as I do. Next month, it is time to start on the Nob Bikers - I think - or maybe the fourth trukk and some orks with some deffkoptas.......

25 Jan 2009

The Demolisher hits town!!

Well guys, after much deliberation I came up with my next choice weghing in at 220 points we have the Imperial Guards famed Demolisher (Tiger I variant).

This little baby has extra armour, track guards, hull mounted Lascannon and sponson mounted (Turret variany) plasma cannons.

The Track guards or side skirts are just plastic card while the hull mount is a cut down Lascannon with sprue cut to represent the housing for it. A bit more green stuff and we're good to go!

Here she is with another tank hunter of the unit! Hopefully lending some welcome backup for the poor foot sloggers!!

3 Jan 2009

And so the Daemons reach 1000

Hello everyone and welcome to the world of the Chaos Daemons and yes it is the 3rd January and yes my 1000 points are done!!!

Today let me introduce you to the Soul Grinder who will be taking both of his upgrades to take him to 185 pts. This together with 50 pts of Psychic powers and my final Bloodletter gets me to 250 ish...

And just cos I had some time I've put together these 2 new recruits to my Tzeentch Army; a Lascannon chap and a Plasma gunner who will probably overheat in every battle.

And then my latest challenge. I wanted a Chaos Hell Talon fighter-bomber but did not want to spend a fortune so I've been scouring shops for the last 6 months to find something to use as a base. Today I found it: ME-262 1/48th Scale pictured below. I love the ME-262 shape and with a spare twin-linked lascannon handy and lots of spare bits I'll give this a go! My pilot will be a nice little chap from the Aegyptus range that the BFG had on his shelves (suprising eh?) plus some lovely green stuff.

Next time you see it will either be as a completed Hell Talon or a wreck marker!

Right then that's me off to Germany for a week safe in the knowledge that I'm 1000 points done and over halfway there....

2 Jan 2009

The December Meldrew

Righty-o! Meldrew Tally has been updated for the December painting; we now have 750 point armies that are raring to go to battle in January (although not sure how many takers the Silverback will have after adding that bloody great biker chap in :-))

3 painting points:
Eddie, BFG, Silver Back and Silverfox

1 painting point:
VSM (picture point; no points for painting as Exorcists already painted before GOG started)

0 painting point:
GOG with no name (currently MIA)

Currently Eddie still tops the table.

Will post up the latest Campaign situation later today or the weekend