2 Jan 2009

The December Meldrew

Righty-o! Meldrew Tally has been updated for the December painting; we now have 750 point armies that are raring to go to battle in January (although not sure how many takers the Silverback will have after adding that bloody great biker chap in :-))

3 painting points:
Eddie, BFG, Silver Back and Silverfox

1 painting point:
VSM (picture point; no points for painting as Exorcists already painted before GOG started)

0 painting point:
GOG with no name (currently MIA)

Currently Eddie still tops the table.

Will post up the latest Campaign situation later today or the weekend

1 comment:

Silverback said...

What do you mean, he is a lovely and friendly chap who merely wants to shake you by the hand.... and rip it off! Come on you - lets have you all.