28 Feb 2016

My name is Mark and I am an addict

So after finishing Peggy the knight, I had some tidying up to do and reorganisation of my paint area... Anyway I thought I would show you the result of this tidying for your comment....

Let alone when you look there and see that is roughly £540 of cases alone.... Wow! Never thought of that before!  


27 Feb 2016

my second knight

So after much dithering I assembled and painted My second knight.  It shall be known as Peggy.  Clearly not because it has no legs (my mums name was Peggy and she was dificient in the lower limbs department), no it is due to the idea from Eddie to put a solid back on the crap unfinished shield FW give you... The pic explains Peggy!!!

As always this is painted in the colours of house Makabius with some DG iconography dotted around





New Trophy

So, as the current holder of the Gog-brero has won it three times he gets to hold on to it forever.  We expect that to be a family heirloom and passed down the Morton tree.

So to replace it, let me introduce you to General Crafty Fox.



26 Feb 2016

More Wordbearers 30k heretical goodies

These two vehicles are my first proper attempt at weathering. First up, a rhino APC

I've used black sponging for general wear and added some painted metallic chips in the middle of the larger black splodges.
I found this gave me much better control than sponging the metallic colour and looked a little more realistic.
Forgeworld transfers again and the sheet is an absolute gold mine.

Next up, a Vindicator, converted up from a rhino.
I went a bit crazy with this one...... As the Wordbearers are religious loons, I decided that a pulpit/sacrificial table and a torture rack were just the sort of things they'd slap on a vehicle with a honking great gun.
The plan being that they'll waste no time after a battle getting down to the important tasks of preaching and.... Ahem..... learning the enemies secrets.
Somewhat over the top, but I enjoyed doing it. I think I may have weathered a little too much, but it was a good learning experience as most of my vehicles are a little bit "fresh off the production line" as that's easier and quicker (but not nearly as nice).

Next up for weathering is trying some rusting and perhaps oils for streaking as I tried using washes and they were just too thin..... I suspect patience and more coats would have helped instead of giving up!

Last up is a 40k chap, a Hellbrute. These are dreadnoughts partially possessed and certainly mutated.

It's the fourth one I've painted (I did three last year) and I really like the model.
No weathering for this one as he's for my 40k army and I need to go back and weather all of the vehicles for that at some point.

22 Feb 2016

Forgeworld Iron Hands

Last night I started on the Forgeworld marines I have for my Iron Hands. I've not been able to finish off the Anvil ones just yet as I'm waiting on the arrival of some Micro-sol to help with some naughty transfers that just will not lie down!

In the mean time I've begun to put the first coat of red on some more marine infantry. I'm liking how they are coming along so far.

I do have a quandary in that I don't know what to do with the shoulder reliefs. Should I leave them as they are in the gold to match the rest of the metal? Do them Iron/Silver colour? Or paint them white to match the white transfers that the Anvil Marines are sporting. Hmmm choices choices.


20 Feb 2016

forge world transfers

SonFW finally released the House Makabius transfers that I have been waiting for.

Why that house?  Well as they prepared and mustered to join the emperors crusade at the side of Horis.  Imagine to their surprise when Mortarian of the Death Guard turned up, kidnapped the head of the House and then secured the venerable house to support the Death Guard.  Of course as he left he virus bombed the planet to express his thanks.  

And they sport the croased hammers and as a born and bred West Ham supporter that is most excellent 

So here it is with some additional markings to express their loyalty to the Plague Marines 

19 Feb 2016

Still going strong

After another productive evening the 30 Iron Hands ended up with painted faces, helmet lenses, bionics, and  few other bits and bobs all painted up. I also added the decals but these need some more decal fixer as some of them aren't fully sealed on.

Next up some weathering and battle damage.


18 Feb 2016

Bring me sunshine...

...oh..no need. it's here already! Huzzah!

It meant that I got to put to the undercoat on the massed Prussian Empire forces that have invaded my desk. Hopefully I'll get the chance to start painting them at lunchtimes next week. The paint scheme has more or less been decided to be steel & dunkelgelb with a little added brass to pick out the fun stuff like Zzzappy guns.

Quite looking forward to painting them. I haven't painted anything at this scale for a while.


Pre-painted infinity terrain

Nice looking terrain is great and really makes a tabletop look good. But nobody likes painting scenery (apart from White, but we've always known he's a bit weird!). So I'm really impressed at the growing range of pre-painted terrain out there.

Here is a small pack I bought on a whim from antenociti's workshop.
Pre-coloured and just needed sticking together and the sand and plants stuck down.

Dead easy and they look great.

17 Feb 2016

Another successful evening

Another five done!

I'm loving this wave of productivity!

Sadly the weather hasn't held off and there will be no spraying this lunchtime. :-(

As I haven't got anything else to work on, at work with me today, there'll be no progress on the PE.


16 Feb 2016

and the skitarii

To complete the set here are my skitarii in the house colours of House Makabius who were taken by Mortarian himself to fight in the heresy.

Still more to add to this as well


so how much is too much

Somebody asked me how much mechanicum I have, well here is the current load.  Now this does not include the skitarii and the Knights ....

Is this too much? 




Flames of war soviet navy platoons

Fairly quick job this one, the Soviet navy who were pressed into service to fight off the German invasion. Early on they didn't have enough "normal" uniforms, so they fought in naval black.

They were pretty effective too and gained the nickname "Black Death" from the Germans who fought them.

I do like a bit of flames of war, but these have now been sold to a nice chap in Italy who is apparently the number one ranked soviet player in Italy! He had my other soviet infantry off me a few months ago, so it's good that they've gone to a good home to be used more than I would use them.

test of new app

Let's see if this app works for posts on the blog....



My drive is not diminishing!

The Paint-a-thon is forging ahead. I'm aiming to put brush to figure pretty much every night (excluding gaming nights) until I have done the main core of the infantry for the both the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors for 30K.

This does constitute quite a large number of marines in both power armour and also Terminator armour.

To be precise:

IH Marines 60
IH Terminators 15

IW Marines 60
IW Terminators 13

It's going to be a bit of a slog but I am committed to getting them done once and for all! I also have the added incentive of all the fun stuff to paint once these are out of the way.

Last night I was getting the first coat of red done on another 5 marines. This time it was some autocannon fellas. Tonight I've got 5 guys with Volkite Chargers to do and then I'll have the first thirty Iron Hands showing a decent amount of progress. From that point I'll probably work on all thirty at once as I do the second coat of red and the finishing touches.

I'm still also trying to be constructive in my lunch hours so today I applied some glue and sand to the bases of my PE land forces. Fingers crossed the weather will stay dry and allow me to get these sprayed tomorrow and then I can start slapping a bit of paint on them as well. I've more or less decided on a steel and Dunkelgelb colour scheme with a limited amount of camo stripes on the non-metallic areas.


15 Feb 2016

A little progress

I am resolved to knuckle down and get some of the rather numerous infantry done for HH so with this in mind I have recommenced painting the IHs.

I went for a themed colour scheme rather than the IH standard (dull) paint job but this did entail using red over black which always needs more than one coat. There is probably an easier way to paint them but I'm trying for a sort of burnished/ old metal feel to the armour trim so I'm having to add the main colour after the initial dry brushing.

This is them after the first coat on the red areas.

Anvil Industries figures but I think they make great 30K era marines.

Still to do:

2nd coat red
battle damage, weathering and muzzle dis-colouration

Plenty to keep me busy. Oh and I have sooo many infantry to do after these.


12 Feb 2016

Even more little tankies!

After all the prep work I've been doing on my 28mm Horus Heresy stuff it has been a nice change to prep the DW stuff as it takes hardly any time at all.

 Some medium Prussian tanks and...

A whopping great mobile airfield!

Also had enough time to spray some HH figures ready for next week when I intend to get stuck in to getting the Iron Hands done after sooooooo... much procrastination!

Ferrus and some friends.

Pulp Alley - sci fi style..... The Final Flight!

Fresh from "escorting" lady Elaine, Von Schill took control back of his crew and decided to get her off world, aiming for a ticket on the last spaceship off the planet for a cycle.....

Clearly miffed at not grabbing Elaine, the do gooders let by Skip Westmoreland and decided to try and stop them....

One team needed to find the pilot, the other needed a mysterious alien carrying what looked like a detonator...... Lady Elaine being the ultimate prize.
A cautious early turn saw team advance and the leaders and sidekicks try to get in position for the plot points
First plot point passed!

But the space mercs weren't to be outdone as they'd grabbed their point just beforehand....

Then things started getting interesting..... Teams couldn't shoot of brawl or they would become "wanted and things would get very dangerous just walking around. Two of them started it (red gem indicates a wanted status)

Then everyone got carried away!

With perhaps predictable consequences for their longevity (or lack thereof)....

In what was to prove a key decision, von schill had to place the pilot plot point near the corner of his board, a long way from the ship in the middle

Whereas Skip managed to place the suspicious alien a little closer and grab the plot point

Whilst Maelee looked on, the first plot point safe in her possession

Skip stole a march on von schill, cunningly playing a trip hazard on him to slow him down further. Skip headed for the ship, with nefarious deeds in mind.....

Avoiding the carnage of the big fight (and lobbing a blast grenade into the middle of it to sow further confusion) he attempted the final plot point after using "gadget X" to automatically pass the peril he faced...... And needed at least one 4+ on two d8.....

Success! The ship was sabotaged and Lady Elain was in their grasp.