27 Feb 2016

my second knight

So after much dithering I assembled and painted My second knight.  It shall be known as Peggy.  Clearly not because it has no legs (my mums name was Peggy and she was dificient in the lower limbs department), no it is due to the idea from Eddie to put a solid back on the crap unfinished shield FW give you... The pic explains Peggy!!!

As always this is painted in the colours of house Makabius with some DG iconography dotted around






JamieM said...

Ha! The final picture makes sense..... I do like the solid shield, great place to add more decals too. Really nice job on this chap, I certainly don't fancy facing it on the tabletop!

Eddy Artillery said...

Shield came out excellently!

Well done LHG? She did a great job on it ;-)