30 Oct 2012

The Cultists and the Dragon reach No1

Just a quick update to say that the Obliterators and Aegis Line were completed in time for Sutton Coldfield last weekend and both did me proud. I'll get pictures up just as soon as I can.

In the meantime I've been busy... again....
Heldrake is completed although the light in the photo has washed it out a bit. Still take it from me that he's done with just the basing (including some weird peppers terminator kindly donated by Eddy ages ago) to be completed. Should be able to complete before Sunday.

And because I was waiting for the wash to dry on the Heldrake I decided to get some Cultists added in. Why these first and why the Autogun squad? The Aegis Line. In Sutton I was manning it with 5 Berzerkers which just felt so wrong so instead I'll let the mad frothing loonies go and do what they do best and add these Cultists into the protection of the Aegis.

I need to apply highlighting to the red and grey pieces plus pick out any cables but essentially he's done. Just block painting with Mechrite Red, Tau Sept Ochre, Adeptus Battlegrey, Rotting Flesh and Boltgun Metal. Then wash the Red/Grey/Black with Earthshade; the Ochre with Sepia and Red and the Flesh with Red.

Here he is stood next to a friend who has been block painted so you can see the difference the washes make. I love the washes and I think these boys (the mob is in the background as you can see quite blurily) will turn out just right and look right at home with the World Eaters!

No I'm not aiming to have these done by Sunday as well as I have to sort my own event out for Saturday and cover Year End at work this week. Suspect finishing the Heldrake and these guys is a little bit of a tall order...

What follows the Cultists? Probably the Maulerfiend and then I want to get Zhufor up and running as I like to throw in a character as a reward after painting troops.

And then I have quite taken a fancy to a couple of Forgeworld pieces that are not on my army list. See what Father Xmas brings shall we :-)

22 Oct 2012


I have been making that noise a lot in my study over the last few days.

This was a luuuverly model to put together. I seem to be saying that a lot these days which must reflect on the general standard in the hobby nowadays.

Really looking forward to popping this on the table!

Warmill Pods!

I managed to get time to paint up the lovely scenery set the GoGs had brought me last week. Sadly the photo from my phone doesn't show it very well but this is a great kit!!

It makes me feel like dancing!!!

What turning into a shelf tidying exercise turned into me making another building for the table. 

Oh and another 24 grots and 4 slavers painted.  Including these 2 cheerleaders ... both of whom are having a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson :)

21 Oct 2012

Is that a Fortification?

Thought I'd drop in and provide an update on my progress to the 6,000 points of World Eaters.

Remember that list I presented last time and suggested it might change? Well it has. I've decided to add an Aegis Defence Line as frankly flyers are a bugger to deal with and anything that is Heavy4 Twin Linked stands a chance of, at the very least, forcing them to evade.

This week's challenge is...
You'll see I've added a couple of things to try to make it a little unique. Spikes (of course), Khornate Symbols and some statues/banners from various kits that I had lying around (as you do). I have razorwire to add once it has all been completed.

I have Skyfire and Interceptor don't you know?

With a Tournament looming in Sutton next Saturday I desperately need to get the Aegis and 2 Obliterators done! We're using the old Chaos Codex for this one so the HelDrake was able to step down the panic requirements.

Mind you he's needed for the weekend after Sutton across in Bristol. I do so like a deadline to work to!

Here's Tiger and his pal. All done except the bases and some skin highlights. Love the faces on these guys as they seem to be smiling: or have gas. Hopefully get them completed this week. The Aegis will probably not be fully done by Saturday but it should be close enough so I can take it along. Aiming to have it to the point where the basing is required and then finish it in time for Bristol.

And finally the Heldrake. Only the red wash to go and he's tabletop ready. Ideally want to get a highlight onto the actual deamon flesh but that can wait - just as on the Obliterators.

So yes it has been a very busy week and weekend. More to come during the week as I push to complete the models for the next couple of weekends and then I can take it a bit easier! Yeah. Right. Like that's going to happen with 2,500 points to paint in 5 months.

17 Oct 2012

Imperial Guard allies

Well, new 40k certainly has me flitting from project to project, all before the last one is finished.  My sisters, chaos, dark eldar and orks all need updating to take advantage of the exciting new 40k rules......

.....and in the case of all except the sisters, actually get me 1,500 points of painted stuff to use on the table!  I was quite ashamed when I realised all those half painted models hanging around armies I thought I could use.....

.....But anyway, who managed to elbow their way rudely to the top of the pile?  Imperial Guard did.  Yep, those chaps who I have about 4k of stuff painted for decided that they wanted more stuff.  So I went with the flow and they are, currently, at the head of the painting queue.

So what was I doing for them?  Tanks?  Nope, I have plenty of those.  More Guardsmen?  Nope, I also have plenty of those. More flyers?  No, I think 2 is quite enough for our little group :)

It's actually a project that I thought about a long time ago, but new 40k has given it a new lease of life.  I'm talking about Inducted Beastmen.  As I'm from the Rogue Trader era, I remember the White Dwarf Guard army list with beastmen squads sent forward armed only with two hand weapons and a bad attitude to duff up the enemies of the Emperor in penance for being filthy mutants.  What fun times they were :) Beastmen then disappeared from the canon in the recent editions unfortunately, but I had decided to convert some up to serve as line guardsmen.  Sadly I just didn't get around to it as they would have just been more of the same line guardsmen that I had already.  So, why did new 40k change things?  Two reasons, the first being the re-emergence of "accepted" stable mutations in the big book which included beastmen and allies.  I had a chance to do the beastmen, make them different from a rules perspective and have them legal.  Perfect :)

So I chose Orks with shootas.  Why?  Because it fits.  I could arm them with lasguns which they blazed away with, buring out the power packs and being wildly inaccurate compared to the disciplined shooting from the line Guardsmen, hence the reduced BS and the fact they have shoota profiles instead of lasgun ones.  They are also tougher than guardsmen and enjoy a fight more, so the profiles worked perfectly.  So, here are the fruits of my labout so far

Fear us!  We come fresh from a number of other projects...
 So, lots of beastmen bodies from a previous army (warhammer doubles circa 2009) and catacan arms and I was away.  As the beastmen figures have their arms swept back, I mostly used the arms holding the gun in one hand where possible, but converted and gree stuffed others when I ran out, as shown below

We have water bottles and nifty pouches
 I also added as  many imperial water bottles, knives and pouches as I could to further add to the Imperial Guard feel of them.

I also then added some brass etch imperial eagles after filing down the eight pointed stars or skulls on their belt buckles
Our belt buckles say we love the emperor
So, next up is painting and the tabletop!  I'm mulling a couple of ideas for the Nob and mandatory HQ you need with allies (most likely a warboss) but I'll add them to the next blog post.

15 Oct 2012

Madness. World Eater Style

Madness. Sheer, absolute madness.

Not the Eighties group but what I've managed to talk myself into. You see the standard state of a wargamer's army is incomplete and somewhat huge. Why buy just what you need for the 1500 point army when 8000 points will do? Right?

3,300 Points of World Eaters
The GoGs are no exception and we've been marvelling at the size of Eddy's... (quiet at the back)... armies for some time. His Howling Griffons and Eldar are massive and both well over 6000 points painted I suspect.

Kharn's Current Kill Count. Not the Enemy. His own side!

Current unit of 10 Berzerkers. Icon of Wrath now required!
We also keep saying that we must take advantage of the tables at the WHC more often and thus was born the desire to pit the 6000 point armies against each other. Now, for most people that would be enough: 2 x 6000 points going to war: not the GoGs obviously. No. We want at least 24000 points on the table thank you very much.

See this Axe? It's really a Mace. Honest :-)
Which brings me to my current madness. You see I want to take the World Eaters to this as I'm loving the new Codex, I have new units to add and I adore the paint scheme that came about a little by accident.

The Stuff that needs to be added. Minus the light that snuck in!
HelDRAKE! A bit fiddly to paint is an understatement
My current points level is about 3,300 painted. A quick piece of maths shows a deficit of 2,700 points that is required to be completed. I would say I need to buy the balance but actually I have about 6,500 points of World Eaters sat waiting in various stages of buildingness from in sealed boxes to basecoated. We have decided to set a deadline for Easter 2013 for this.

Remember Tiger the Obliterator? He's Back!
I therefore have 5.5 months to complete 2,700 points. Or as we like to call it: Oh Bloody hell what have I just volunteered for??!

Zealots! These guys should last ages on the battlefield. Or not.
Look what the Guys bought me! Thanks Chaps!
So a quick order in to GW for some more World Eaters shoulder pads + some other bits and an order to Triple Helix for a box of Berzerkers and a single Chaos Bike sees me with everything I need to complete the task. All I need now is to knuckle down and crack on...

The Possessed are back out of their box of shame!
... expect regular updates as the months countdown.

I'm a Maulerfiend. I'm new. I like to wave at my dinner.
Paint for the Paint God!

Here's the current plan of an Army List. It may change as time progresses or if new kits come out!

Kharn the Betrayer (Warlord) (done)
Chaos Lord (Terminator) (done)
Daemon Prince (done)
Chaos Lord (Zhufor - Terminator)
Chaos Lord (Dark Vengeance Power Armour)

Khorne Berzerkers x16 (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x16 (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x10 + Rhino (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x9 (8 done: new Icon Bearer)
Chaos Space Marines x15
Chaos Cultists x10 (built)
Chaos Cultists x10 (built)

Possessed x8 (built)
Terminators x5 (done)
Chosen x6 (built) + Rhino
Helbrute (done)
Helbrute (done)

Fast Attack
Raptors x10 (done)
Warp Talons x5
HelDRAKE (built)
Chaos Bikers x6

Heavy Support
Land Raider (done)
Land Raider (done)
Vindicator (done)
Maulerfiend (built)
Defiler (done)
Obliterators x3 (built)

8 Oct 2012

Apparently there's a new Codex on the block


Sorry. Did you say something? I was a little distracted by my new pet dragon.

Yes I have a brand new Heldrake for my World Eaters army. Picked him up on release day (Saturday), built, undercoated and basecoated Sunday. He's very nice although the wings are a bit of a pain with a single ball joint trying to hold a lot of weight: let's see how long they last.

He goes out tomorrow for his first outing with the new Codex and we'll see if he gets passed turn 2...

He is bringing a little friend along as well:

That's right he's bringing his own pet Maulerfiend to the party.

I have no idea whether these two units are any good in the game but I love how they look and that will do me fine when designing an army list.

Tomorrow the forces of World Eaters and Word Bearers will unite. Let's see how many skulls we can collect as we try out our new Codex.

Blood for the Blood Dragon!

SAGA - A Tale from the North

Och aye... sorry.

As part of my drive to not buy new shiny stuff and get tempted in to new games I decided to give SAGA a go over at Tea Urns :-)

Suffice to say I ended up ordering the Scots together with the various books. Oh dear.

Now I'm not really an historical gamer, old yes, historical no. SAGA has a very nice mechanic with the battleboards and I decided that as it doesn't need many figures (25) I'd give it a go.

Warlord takes centre stage!

Boy what a chore it turned out to be! In the end with the Chaos release looming for 40K I decided I had to get the Scots done as quickly as possible so opted for a very simple paint scheme in the end. The fact the the figures are a bit bland didn't help and so the whole exercise has been a challenge. In theory these could be used for any of the races in the game so a couple of dice sets probably and their versatility will be put to the test. I didn't paint any tartan because a) it would make them fully Scots and b) I didn't have the time or skillset.

See this? It's a spear. The sharp pointy end goes towards the enemy

Still, we like a challenge and so I've finished them (well, apart from sticking some grass on their bases and highlighting their hair) so for now they can go sit and dry off in the corner whilst the objects of my next blog post are painted up.

The Full Scottish Horde

Don't get me wrong: I like SAGA. I think it is a great little skirmish game especially when you can make 7 5+ saves with 8 dice to survive! Just for once I can say I've finished something. Nearly. Now there's a first!


I was kindly given one of the fantastic Warmill scenery sets by the GoGs for my birthday and I could not help myself so I got stuck stright in at the weekend.

Lovely kits. They go together beautifully and have loads of bold detail that makes them seriously cool looking! Love 'Em! I've not gotten to the walkways that came with the kit yet and I might hav a tinker with those to see what possibilities they have. They look fab as walkways around the pods but I don't think it will take much to have them a modular walkways that can be versitile. The plans in the box positively seem to encourage it!.

Thanks Gogs!