31 Oct 2008

The Warp splits....

K'Reeg roared a defiant shout "Rent the Warp! We emerge. The other races will cower before us. "

Yes, here they are. 248 points of Daemons. The pictures are a bit blurred or it might be my eyesight... not sure....!

So, erm, prepare to Daemoned.

The Gog with No Name dives for the finishing line!

Rolling in with 3 hours and 27 minutes to go here are Octobers figures. One Chaos Marine unit exactly 250 points if you ignore the Nurgle Icon. They do look a bit shiney as I have not spray varnished them yet (I like to make sure it's not too cold as the varnish can create a dusting effect at the wrong temerature / humidity).

The Guard rolls on!!

Okay Boys here is the progress report, my first 250 pts of Steel Legion Imperial. I have gone for a standard Platoon with 2 squads and a Command squad.

I used the Army Painter uniform grey as my primer.

The first squad then received a healthy coat of Army Painter Super Light Shade.

After some highlighting and finer detail they are ready to go......just in the nick of time!! Now all I need to do is win a game with them!!!

I painted some of my anti-tank unit at the same time while undercoating, more of this unit next month.

30 Oct 2008

Deadline Day - Month 1

Well here it is!

It's the last day of October (Ok so I'm just under 4 hours early!) and the Month 1 target of 250 is nearly upon us. When the carriage turns to pumpkins on the Hallowe'en night then thy 250 shall be done or the slipper will be thrown to the Dwarves.

So far Silverback and Eddy have qualified for their points; the Fox needs to post a picture of the full 250 points and the rest are... well.... slacking to be honest.

First hurdle boys!! The first hurdle!! Giddy up horsies....

... I'll assign points over the weekend where earned, sort out the campaign bits and then sort out who is eligible for the GOG placing points. So far that would be 3 out of 6. 50%. 50!?!

27 Oct 2008


Well Now

For those doubting Thomas's - 250 points of Howling Griffons - Two Tactical squads each with an extra two marines to achieve the points total of - 244pts


I've actually painted 440+ points - two FULL squads and a commander.



22 Oct 2008

9 Days to Go - an update

So gentlemen and fellow GOGgers - where are we now:
  • Silverback and the Silverfox have turned silver into Gold and finished their 250pts

  • VSM has made a decision

  • The GOG with no name and the BFG have assembled some troops

  • Eddie Artillery is a drop short with no news, no updates and no real excuse apart from reading some boring books.

So with one eye on the countdown, come on you GOGs let's have some updates on where you are with your monthly requirements.

Anyone falling at the first hurdle will be subjected to ridicule and derision - well apart from Jamie who is hosting us on the 29th!!

18 Oct 2008

The results are in - and the winner is.......

The Ladies!

Yep, Sisters of Battle it is for me. I had a good rummage through all my stuff sitting in the garage and the SoBs managed to win me over, what with all the bits I've collected for them and a recent injection of fresh blood from the Silverback (cheers dude).

I think what I needed was a hook - something to differentiate them from the crowd, something to keep my interest. And I found it.

I wanted to make them something different from marines and I decided that the essential role of SoBs outside of battle was massively different. Whilst marines get shipped from warzone to warzone, wiping out the Emperor's enemies and all that, the SoBs have a much greater impact on the "normal" folk of the imperium, only being called into action when necessary. To this end I decided to make sure that the Mech army I was planning (lots of rhinos, lots of flamers, lots of meltas) would fit this role to a T. The role of the SoBs is to spread the emperor's word and also to enforce it and root out heresy, often over quite a large area where visits by the Emperor's servants are few and far between.

Therefore each of the rhinos would have to be more than just a troop transport. Some would be mobile shrines...... and on the flip side some would carry the implements of torture by which the sisters seek out heresy and ensure it is purged.

Fortunately the Exorcists I've previously put together fit this theme pretty well as they are mobile shrines, including the friezes on the converted launchers themselves. My mission therefore was to make the rhinos more the instruments of torture and compliance with the Emperor's will - as defined by the fanactical SoBs.

I wanted to give the impression that the rhino cavalcade would roll into one of the Imperiums many settlements and allow the masses to worship at the vehicles, but also that they would be there to root out, and punish, those they considered lax in their service to the Emperor. And let's face it, they'll never be short of finding people who in their eyes are lax in their service.......

So, first up is a unit of celestians with rhino and Palatine. I've stuck the celestians to their bases, so this weekend is painting and rhino building. Celestians first because they're the only unit I'm planning that is allowed less than 10 members so this will hopefully give me flexibility going forward when I need to drop a few points to get something in or have a few points spare.

Piccies to come once I'm further advanced!

17 Oct 2008

Ork Nob Bikers

So how does three Ork Nob Bikers for £52 grab you.

I believe that I will be making my own at £17.33 a model.

16 Oct 2008

Mission Statement

Okay.....gauntlet picked up.....I am going to get my 250 pts of SL done over this weekend. Piccies and all!

Shouldn't be too hard....I have the dip after all!

Let's see...where did I put that can of Grey uniform spray?

First Unit Plan

I'm ready for a frenzy of painting this morning so here is my first planned unit:

9 Chaos Space Marines. 2 with plasma guns. (With my old marines I learnt that heavy weapons are a waste in tactical units as you can't use them effectively if you want the marines to actually go anywhere. Plasma guns will let me advance and still have some fire support)

Aspiring champion with plasma pistol and power fist. (The old hidden power fist trick....)

Exactly 250 points.

I was going to give them an Icon of Nurgle until I realised I'd run out of points :( I'll paint up an icon bearer anyway and then I can always add it at a later date.

The Gog with No Name

14 Oct 2008

And the winner is

Yes you all saw it coming with a massive 4 votes, the Silverfox is installed as the favourite for the title!! Coming a distant second with one vote, or maybe first with 8 votes if he was counting it, was the VSM. The rest of us paupers failed to even vote for ourselves.
The Silverfox takes lead after scoring the first Meldrew of the competition!!!

11 Oct 2008

First 250 nearly done...

The first of the Flamers is now done and can be seen here with his friend the Bloodletter just before they head down the pub.

Those of good eye sight and memory will have noticed the Bloodletter has changed a bit since the last picture...

Suffice to say I couldn't replicate the test figure well enough for my own perfectionist qualities so opted for a quicker, meaner look. Out go the flame attempts and in come menacing black horns and a nice orange sword with red wash and some little blood red edgings. Oh and a brass handle as it seems to be more of a Khornate colour than Boltgun Metal.

The Flamer is a Mordian Blue base with Astronimocon(?) Grey for his lower body; all then heavily washed with Azurman Blue before an Ultramarine Blue highlight is added to the main body. The flames/tongues are Scab Red, Blazing Orange, Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. The base will not be staying sand...

The last 3 Flamers have had their Blue wash and are now drying overnight before being finished, hopefully, tomorrow night and then based during the week.

Next weekend I might do some Easterlings and possibly start on the Infinity Gangs for Sir... It'll be nice to be finished early this month with no pressure to paint up until Halloween...!

Daemonic 250 weekend

So a quick update as I prepare the paint brushes for the weekend. The Bloodletters are pretty much done; only the bases to go. I've worked out the basing technique for this army and will be attacking it later tomorrow. I'd do it today but having worked it all out I suddenly found out my Dark Flesh paint had dried up (old style paint pot). Bum. So have to pop out tomorrow to get some - so will be forced into buying the new Marine Codex at the same time!

Now onto the Flamers. I'm using the ones from my Tzeentch Army but am completely re-painting them. I've decided that each Chaos God should have a base colour (and I'm sticking fairly close to GW standard for once):

Khorne - Red (yes, fancy that!)
Slaanesh - Purple
Nurgle - Green
Tzeentch - Blue
Undivided - Whatever we fancy...

So the Flamers will be based with Mordian Blue and then... well actually I don't know after that. Shall have to make it up as I go along!! I think it works out to 11 models in my first 250 points; which looks like we'll be seriously outnumbered by the Back's Orks already.

8 Oct 2008

All painting targets hit.... Daemons? Don't be silly!

Yes it's true. I've been very busy this last weekend and hit all my painting targets! The only issue is the lack of Daemons involved.

I've finally finished my Chosen CSM, a squad of CSM and a Rhino for one of the Thousand Sons squads. All that's left is to complete the bases.

The Chosen are made up from the Dark Angel veterans + Chaos bits that I had all over the place + the odd Tomb King skull here and there.

Yes, well spotted. That is an Ushabti chained to the top of the Rhino.... well I had some spare!! Oh and I've finally based my posse.

Now before we all despair I have actually added some more paint to my Bloodletters so I'm hoping to hit them big time this weekend and then it's on to the Flamers and to sort out the bases. No pressure after Mr.S.Back's performance!

250pts Complete - with the help of the Silver Fox

Yes gentlemen, consider the gauntlet thrown down (only to be picked up by a granny and put on the nearest railing), I have completed my 250 for this month.

But why, I hear you ask, and how, you also ask, has the Silverfox helped you. Well, since meeting him last week I have become seriously infected with his man-flu-itus and have not been at work on tuesday or wednesday. Hence, more time to assemble and paint the 250.

So as some of you know I have painted orks before, and I have also painted orcs before. So I had a technique which involved the use of a special mix of inks/washes that I have in a pot. This technique was later tweaked with advice from Mr Artillery, and now thrown out by me. Instead of my secret formula of inks/washes from various manufacturers, I have used Devlan Mud to wash over the figures. This dries matt and looks great and really adds a dirty look to the Orks.

I am very impressed with the way that the trukk has come out it looks great, although the pics never do them justice.

So all done, just basing to do at some point. Now onto the collection of Romans, or the Pirate scenery, or Pirate Boats, or more cowboys or even cowboy scenery.

Can I also add that I had forgotten exactly how disgusting Goblin Green tastes!!!

5 Oct 2008

I now have a Degree in Engineering & Assembly

Well it has taken me just short of 3 hours solid work, but I have assembled the first of the new Ork Trukks. At several points I had to disregard the instructions and look at pics on the web to make it work. A very labouring intensive model to assemble and thank god I haven't got to assemble any more..... what do you mean I have put three in my army!

So I have assembled nearly 250 pts today (1 bike short) and will get them sprayed soon. Being disciplined with myself not to convert the pirate ship/create pirate scenery or convert my Orky plane until I have 250 painted in the bag.

Come on you slackers - jump to it!!

4 Oct 2008

Steeeeel, Leeeeegion, uber alle!

Well here is my very first post.....ever, I have decided on the challenge of an Imperial Guard army for my tale of 6 Gamers.

I have over the years collected a wide variety of Imperial Guard figures, huge amounts of the original Rogue Trader guard, Squats doubling up as Guard, Mordian/Praetorian, finally settling on the Steel Legion range of figures......mainly because they are the largest of my "shiny" figures collection and in no small part, because of my love of the figures and the association with some of the best German figures of WWII.

I think that with Ed 5 the troops certainly have it, while the numbers will also help, however part of me always believes in a mixed combination of Elite/Fast attack and Heavy support will also win out.

Be prepared to see changes along the way....I lke the idea of some characters, Schaeffer for example, Nork Deddog, and of course Ibrahim Gaunt....not that the latter has induced me to make my Steel Legion drop troops with light infantry doctrines...oh no! Just unashanedly attaching him to the 50 conscripts I thought of putting in!!!!! 50 Fearless guardsmen for just 200 pts appeals to my darker side, while the idea of Ratling snipers, rough riders and especially Ogryn really appeal!!

Still this just my hypothesis at the mo' I am aiming to follow my list at the mo'

The list will look something like this - all units will have Chem inhalers and Sharpshooter where I can. There will be one squad of Xeno hunters as well, probably Ork.

HQ - Senior Officer and special wpns team plus Lascannon

Troops - 3 platoons all with combinations of Hvy Bolter and Gren Launchers in each squad

Hvy Support - 2 squads - 1st with 3 Miss Launch and 3 Lascannon

2nd with 2x3 Miss. Launch

I figure this will provide me with the Tank Killing and anti Horder that I need!

Whaddaya think...all feedback in a polite and succinct format please ;-)

3 Oct 2008

How the west was won......

.....is a question that has now been answered!

Quite clearly it only took the eight strong 'Poussay' Posse to kick all those naughty cow pokes into shape!

Game one vs The Silverbacks gang of Lawmen.

With a quick advance up the main street, the ladies quickly began picking off the opposition. Sadly Mary McCarthy had neglected to bring her hand bag and when the longjohn clad sherriff of Wapletown charged at her she was laidout by the ungallant Sherriff! Thankfully she was the only one of the plucky ladies to suffer at the hands of the unwashed thugs and made a swift recovery.

Bring their greater numbers to bear on the remains ruffians the sisters of Blancsville quicky run them outta town! Despite their success all of the lawmen escaped with their lives but the brave ladies of justice will always keep one eye out for the man they call Beadle.

After collecting their pay for a job well done the ladies were brushing themselves off when they received news that trouble was rolling into town.......

...Game Two vs VariStatMans bean-swilling gang of cattle botherers!

The ladies were full of bluster until the recently promoted Miss Lilly was clipped by a long shot from one of the towns new arrivals. With their friend down the rest rallied and in a blur of sixgun cocking action, Sherriff Jane Earp started to even the score. The cowboys brought the weight of their arms to bear but local knowledge and crap rolling by the VSM denied them any real progress.

Another flurry of fire ended the newcomers attempt to seize the town and brought another round of bonuses for the lucky ladies of the law. The discovery of an unattended ranch confirmed the reports that several of the gang had died of their wounds and the rest had fled over the border to avoid the long arm of the Law. The O'Shaunessy boys names have been circulated between the sherrifs offices so it would be a true act of foolishness for them to return!


2 Oct 2008

Well I've been pretty busy recently but I have put a couple of Chaos marines together and painted them! (Pictures to follow). I've also got a new tactical advantage by getting hold of a rule book and codex. Sadly I have no real aim for building an army other than "They look like cool miniatures!"

I didn't see anything in the campaign rules saying you can't employ consultants to help design army lists so I would like to present my new list designer, who learnt everything she knows about mechanised future combat from the Tweenies........

So far my list includes 3 teddy bears, the contents of a Kinder egg and a lot of "Daddies dices" which seem to be a sort of thrown weapon.

1 Oct 2008

Is it too late to change my mind?!?!?!?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

You could see this coming couldn’t you?

I think I decided on an army too early in proceedings and have had far too much time to think about doing something different…..

It’s an army idea that I’ll either do with Chaos Marines of Space marines (if the new codex I get on Saturday is too nice to not do something with…)

So, here’s the Chaos Marine version (as that’s the only one of the two codices I have access to right now)

Some sort of HQ (Perhaps even not a DP with wings!)

Unit of 4 termis with a heavy flamer and 3 combi meltas

2 x Chaos Dreadnoughts with Multi meltas & Heavy flamers

4 x 10 man CSM units, with a sprinkling of weapons and all with MoCG to keep them cheap.

3 x vindicators (!)

I’ll give you a minute to recover after reading that…..

So why have I gone for what I’ve gone for? Simple really, it’s most of the stuff that I don’t think is very good in the codex, surrounded by some things I really like.

I’ve never really used dreads, the AV12 doesn’t really do it for me and the unpredictability of them seems like a right gamble. But I’ve got a couple of dreads from the AoBR set lying around and some conversion ideas in my head. I’d have gone for 3 of them, but I also have termis from the AoBR set that I’d like to convert to CSM ones…. Still, that’s a decision I can take later on in the proceedings.

I’ve also never used vindies, as the fact they have a short ranged weapon & poor side armour seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. So I thought I’d use three to road test them to destruction (and there’s that handy boxed set of three that GW sell…..)

So, any thoughts? Will the Chaos dreads have me chucking them at the walls when they turn and fire frenzy on my vindies for the third time in 3 turns? Will the Vindicators be a waste of time? Sould I just stick to sisters?

The alternative is to go for this army build with marines, as they’ll be a touch more predictable and I’ve never had a marine army (I don’t count the RTB01 set I put together in 1986 as an army!). I guess the Vulkan character would go pretty well with the list, plus a couple of drop pods……