1 Oct 2008

Is it too late to change my mind?!?!?!?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

You could see this coming couldn’t you?

I think I decided on an army too early in proceedings and have had far too much time to think about doing something different…..

It’s an army idea that I’ll either do with Chaos Marines of Space marines (if the new codex I get on Saturday is too nice to not do something with…)

So, here’s the Chaos Marine version (as that’s the only one of the two codices I have access to right now)

Some sort of HQ (Perhaps even not a DP with wings!)

Unit of 4 termis with a heavy flamer and 3 combi meltas

2 x Chaos Dreadnoughts with Multi meltas & Heavy flamers

4 x 10 man CSM units, with a sprinkling of weapons and all with MoCG to keep them cheap.

3 x vindicators (!)

I’ll give you a minute to recover after reading that…..

So why have I gone for what I’ve gone for? Simple really, it’s most of the stuff that I don’t think is very good in the codex, surrounded by some things I really like.

I’ve never really used dreads, the AV12 doesn’t really do it for me and the unpredictability of them seems like a right gamble. But I’ve got a couple of dreads from the AoBR set lying around and some conversion ideas in my head. I’d have gone for 3 of them, but I also have termis from the AoBR set that I’d like to convert to CSM ones…. Still, that’s a decision I can take later on in the proceedings.

I’ve also never used vindies, as the fact they have a short ranged weapon & poor side armour seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. So I thought I’d use three to road test them to destruction (and there’s that handy boxed set of three that GW sell…..)

So, any thoughts? Will the Chaos dreads have me chucking them at the walls when they turn and fire frenzy on my vindies for the third time in 3 turns? Will the Vindicators be a waste of time? Sould I just stick to sisters?

The alternative is to go for this army build with marines, as they’ll be a touch more predictable and I’ve never had a marine army (I don’t count the RTB01 set I put together in 1986 as an army!). I guess the Vulkan character would go pretty well with the list, plus a couple of drop pods……


Silverback said...

How about this for a slice of fried gold: Let's play test it.

Personally I think 3 vindicators is going to pack a good punch. With the new rules scatter is not so much of an issue and you are likely to be closer. In addition, the side armour thing is a lot better now.

But what about capturing things with troops?

Eddy Artillery said...

Don't confuse him with all that troop nonsense!

Von said...

And to think he used to be so decisive! He's like a kid in a candy store - can't make up his mind and secretly wants 1 of everything.

3 Vindicators will not be a pretty sight for my Deep-Striking Daemons as we land in nice pie-plate shaped groups. Yikes!

Oh and yes I guess we can extend the decision date to next Monday or so. Just enough time to look at all the pretty pictures in the Marine Codex.