16 Oct 2008

First Unit Plan

I'm ready for a frenzy of painting this morning so here is my first planned unit:

9 Chaos Space Marines. 2 with plasma guns. (With my old marines I learnt that heavy weapons are a waste in tactical units as you can't use them effectively if you want the marines to actually go anywhere. Plasma guns will let me advance and still have some fire support)

Aspiring champion with plasma pistol and power fist. (The old hidden power fist trick....)

Exactly 250 points.

I was going to give them an Icon of Nurgle until I realised I'd run out of points :( I'll paint up an icon bearer anyway and then I can always add it at a later date.

The Gog with No Name


Eddy Artillery said...

Ouch! Double Plasma!

Even nastier now they dropped the 'Gets Hot' on a 2 bollocks

Silverback said...

remember the hidden power fist doesn't work so well. But a squad of 9 marines with the mark of nurgle will take some punishment.

Pinky Plasma is the way forward.

BFG said...

Go for it No name, the plasma certainly smarts....I believe the way forward is always with dedicated squads, so get your Havocs to wreak.....errrr Havoc?!?! With lots of reaper autocannons!! Or missile launchers!

Von said...

You want to be careful with Plasma Pistol on the Asp Champ; one gets hot roll and you've lost the power fist....

With 9 men your wound allocation problems won't kick in for a while so I'd look at giving him a bolt pistol and then add an Icon of Chaos Glory (if you have the points) temporarily so they don't run away at the first opportunity!

Anyway - good luck with the painting.