12 Apr 2011

Events listing

Played around with the blog settings - someone gave me access. I had a computer. Dangerous combo...

Added an Events list to the sidebar just over to your right. I'll add links soon but in the meantime give me a shout at vonjenk@ntlworld.com if you'd like info on any event.

Edit: Links Added and they all seem to work!!! :-)
If you come across another event then give me a shout.

Come in Raptors; your time is now

First weekend in April was Vanquish over in Bristol. The results and pictures are over on the Bristol Vanguard site. Suffice to say I took the World Eaters, lost all 3 games on the Saturday and was in the bottom 4 and then won both games on the Sunday to finish 47th out of 67. I'm happy with that to be honest.

Even happier with an honourable mention for the army itself!

However, I now realise the army doesn't quite work (what's new eh?) so changes are a-foot. Or a-wing depending on your viewpoint. I'll detail what I'm planning in a later post but for now meet the new Raptors.

1 Apr 2011

It's all gone evil. With spikes on...

My weekly post is either early as it is normally Sunday or late as I didn't post last Sunday. I'm going with early as it sounds like I have a degree of skill at clock watching...

Anyway... last weekend was all a bit Napoleonic so no real painting time and this weekend is Vanquish so again a lack of time to daub paint on models. Having said that I have completed 5 figures and who'd have guessed that Dark Eldar who have been missing for 12 years presumed squatted would suddenly be involved in the last 2 posts. More on the Kabal in a minute...