26 Jul 2019

Phase Two complete!

I’ve been beavering away for weeks now getting the walkways done for the planned Mustafar/Lava board and I have finally finished, after being distracted by tiny spaceships, to get the last few pieces painted.

Soooo…. course it meant that I had to have a play!

Next is the lava sections. I’ve got the plastic sheet to be the basing for it but having seen a few inspiring tutorials I have decided to use cork tiles for the rocks. I don’t have any cork tiles so I’ll need to squeeze in a shopping trip shortly. My kids are away soon for summer holidays so this may well mean that I get a chance to blitz a hobby job whist they are not around to ….um....help.

After that I want to ad some rock piles as scatter and I have some pink foam left over from other jobs to use. Then it will just be making sure I have enough cargo crates and other scatter to add cover around on the platforms.

Tally YTD: 254


Loads of ships!

The Full Thrust bug must have bitten me pretty badly because after the Shaltari fleet the next ones found themselves done as well in no time at all.


It’s always fun to paint different things and this was certainly the case. Quick simple and fun to paint. Very cathartic!


I’ve got Kra’vak ships from GZG still unpainted but they are seriously old. I think I prefer the idea of using the Shaltari fleet from DFC as proxies instead. If that doesn’t work I can always buy some of the updated Kra’Vak figures at Colours or Warfare.

Tally YTD: 215

Talk has started about a mega gun of AoS in November so thoughts have turned to new forces to be added to my Seraphon forces. Hunting around I came across, quite by accident, a fellow selling alternative Razordons

Check out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/tabletopengineeruk?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Cool 3D printed goods. One to watch I reckon.

Long story short I ordered a bundle and I was properly impressed when they arrived. The print quality is good and I can't discern any contour lines that I believe are typical with low quality 3D prints.

Straight into the paint queue!

Yup. Will but from Him again!


17 Jul 2019

Filling the skies of Mars

The Martian VSF has been quiet of late but is still happening.

The next tranche of Aeronef are ready to take to the skies with their cargoes of plucky explorers.

First off is the second of the flyers that will be used for the Empire of the Blazing Sun.

It's a nifty little version of the bigger one with an oversized rocket engine for that additional turn of speed.

Urn has got a force for The Covenant of Antarctica so they need some aeronef as well. I went for a flying wing design as it felt a bit more progressive in keeping with their heavy leaning towards innovation and technology.

And a smaller one to run the troops around.

Just the Prussian ones to go now and they are well under-way. oh...and I really should paint some of the figures!


3 Jul 2019

Plugging away...


I am determined to get these done before the end of July. Then I can get on and make the lava areas for the board.

After these bits there are only a few bits left to do but they are sizable pieces so will take a couple of days each.


A brief distraction

I’ve been working away at the walkways for ages and decided to give myself a quick hobby break. I have a great many started projects in my study so I’m keeping up with my resolve to get things done and finished instead of starting anything new.

Wark backed the Drop Fleet Commander Kickstarter a number of years ago and very kindly handled me a fleet when it delivered. Well It struck me that I really should paint these up especially as I will be able to use them for Full Thrust as well.

Two tones of sprayed red, some washes and a couple of details picked out and they were done.

They really are nifty models and I really quite like the Hawk interface widgets. Handy solution to the basing issue with Space models at this scale.

This also made me dig out several old Full Thrust forces which I've had for...literally decades.

ESU - Eurasian Solar Union - that's space Russians to you.

 Kra'Vak - Rail gunny aliens. No. Not the Tau!

UNSC - United Nations Star Command - Yeah...Star fleet wannabes!

These might find themselves getting done shortly too!

Painted YTD: 202