26 Jul 2019

Phase Two complete!

I’ve been beavering away for weeks now getting the walkways done for the planned Mustafar/Lava board and I have finally finished, after being distracted by tiny spaceships, to get the last few pieces painted.

Soooo…. course it meant that I had to have a play!

Next is the lava sections. I’ve got the plastic sheet to be the basing for it but having seen a few inspiring tutorials I have decided to use cork tiles for the rocks. I don’t have any cork tiles so I’ll need to squeeze in a shopping trip shortly. My kids are away soon for summer holidays so this may well mean that I get a chance to blitz a hobby job whist they are not around to ….um....help.

After that I want to ad some rock piles as scatter and I have some pink foam left over from other jobs to use. Then it will just be making sure I have enough cargo crates and other scatter to add cover around on the platforms.

Tally YTD: 254


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Michael Awdry said...

Oh wow! Looking awesome.