21 Jan 2014

Stuff got done and stuff got brought!

Seeing my faction for Deadzone has yet to materialize I thought it best to get the scenery done and out of the way so I'm free when the figures actually do turn up.

The scenery itself is pretty good but I would question the small number of the more useful joining widgets.

In other news.......I failed a willpower test. This little lot upgrades my pile of Spartan kit from "Hill" to "Escarpment". Only a few more purchases to reach "Mountain". I really must get started on all this!


20 Jan 2014

Is that a Deadline coming over the Hill...?

Pah. We laugh at deadlines. Mostly. Well when they're not looking anyway.

Well we're in to the last week and all is coming together nicely. The downside is I won't finish all the highlighting in time but then I never expected to get any highlighting done so not bad at all.

I have now completely finished the following:

Spiritseer + 10 Wraithguard
Rock down Ghosties!
Wraithlord (I'm using Iyanden so this chap is actually my Warlord!)
Obey me!
And the 2 Vypers
Vyper Left and Vyper Right
I've also managed to paint 3 layers of blue on 1 of the Wave Serpents. Going to try and complete the remaining 4 vehicles to the same "blue done" status before Saturday. Not going to rush the purple highlighting at this stage and will get that done later.

Current scorecard:
Spiritseer - complete
10 Wraithguard - complete
2 Wave Serpents - highlighting
2 Vypers - complete
Crimson Hunter - highlighting
Wraithlord - complete
Fire Prism - highlighting

And once it's all done the Wraithknight has been promised that he's next which gets me to 1500 or so points.

And then? Well let's see how the army does but I do want to add Prince Yriel purely because he's Iyanden...

I will try to get an army shot together before Saturday and then try and remember to use the camera at their first outing!

4 days to go

12 Jan 2014

Eldar Vypers reporting in

Families are marvellous aren't they? I was informed Friday night that next weekend we need to go out on Saturday: but what about my painting challenge? - I asked. The reply is not quite printable here to be honest but suffice to say lots of pressure this weekend to get things done.

Did I succeed? Well every model is now painted to 3-colour standard and what's more I've managed to get some highlights involved as well!

When you were last here the 2 Vypers were not even out of their boxes. Well here they are all completed awaiting some basing. I may need to revisit some of the purple highlighting once I have a go at a bigger vehicle but for now I'm very pleased with these two.
We were done in a single weekend. Nyah, nyah, nyah.
And with so much time to spare I then set about highlighting one squad of Wraithguard. Again happy with how these chaps have come out so leave them alone now!
I have highlighted friends now

The scores on the doors then:
5 Wraithguard - basing
5 Wraithguard - basing / highlighting
2 Wave Serpents - basing / highlighting
1 Wraithlord - basing / highlighting
1 Fire Prism - basing / highlighting
1 Spiritseer - basing
2 Vypers - basing

12 days to go...

7 Jan 2014

Conversions are my favourite thing about 40k

The best thing about being a hobby painting butterfly, unable to stay painting one thing at a time is that eventually lots of things get finished in a very short space of time. This is because I generally have lots of half finished things on the painting table as I pick new things up without first finishing the old.

So recently I had the saga figures, flames of war, dark eldar and daemons on the go. I've posted the saga and flames of war stuff, so here are the daemons, two of the slaanesh big chaps/ladies

Greater daemon on the left, flying daemon prince on the right. The greater daemon has his arms and torso from a spawn, the tail from the mounted chaos lord and the head from a slaanesh greater daemon (it was sent to me by accident by GW when they used to do metal bits! I miss those days.....)

General flesh colour for them as I find that a little creepier than random bright colours as these chaps are nothing if not creepy. The daemon prince owes his legs to an old metal daemon prince, his torso to an inquisitor scale daemon host, his wings from a tomb kings carrion and his head to an inquisitor scale death cult assassin. Did I mention how much I enjoyed the days of GW selling metal bits separately already?!?!?

Anyway, this final kick has me close to my 1,500 point goal and thanks must go to the Fox for spurring me to get my stuff painted and blogged now he's on the blog regularly.

6 Jan 2014

Deadzone start....

After the excitement of the big roll off for factions, I decided to get stuck into the Orx Marauders straight away. "Why on earth would you do that?" I hear you ask "Eddie doesn't even have his faction yet and Fox won't do his until March/April!". The simple answer is that I didn't really like them very much.....

Odd, right? Well, no matter how hard I tried not to do so, I couldn't help but work out my preferred forces for Deadzone, even though this wouldn't affect the result one jot and possibly lead to disappointment. On my list, the marauders were dead last, even behind the asterians, and we don't even know what they look like yet.

So, I decided that better than leaving them in their bags and not getting excited about them, I would leap straight in and try to like them. So, what did I learn? That I still don't like how messy the mould lines, etc are in mantic's figures. Say what you like about GW ( and I often do), their figures are so clean and well put together these days that they really set the bar. This issue would be the same for all of the factions though, so wasn't a knock on the marauders. I gave up on cleaning them and so have stuck them together and will clean the worst lines off at some point before spraying.....

Without further ado, here they are..... You do get a large amount of kit with them and I only had to ask for one extra piece that was missing, so kudos to Mantic for that.

5 Jan 2014

I'm in charge!

A very wet weekend I think we can all agree and let's not discuss the FA Cup in any detail.

Meanwhile at the Eldar workbench the Spiritseer is done. I decided to highlight as I went with this chap and get him completed.

He has 13 colours all told and unfortunately the pictures don't quite show up the 3 yellows involved. I decided to go with original Iyanden colours for my command so that they stand out!

This is my good side
And this is my other side
Really enjoyed painting him today and I'm sure he'll repay me by being awesome. Right?

Other progress this weekend: managed to get to Triple through the floods and picked up the 2 Vypers (we don't mention the Lord of Skulls I also collected - flippin huge).

And tidied up all the painting issues with all other models done so far.

The scores on the doors then:
1 Wraithguard - basing
9 Wraithguard - basing / highlighting
2 Wave Serpents - basing / highlighting
1 Wraithlord - basing / highlighting
1 Fire Prism - basing / highlighting
1 Spiritseer - basing
2 Vypers - to be started

19 Days to go

3 Jan 2014

Happy New Eldar

Happy New Eldar to everyone!

When I started this challenge back on 15 December I really wasn't sure it was achievable. However, the combination of determination to clear the shelves, field a new army in 2014, Christmas break and a very accommodating wife means I now think it is entirely possible. Hopefully not famous last words.

As the weekend dawns I have paint on the Fire Prism and Crimson Hunter as below

I'm a Crimson Hunter... without the Crimson I'll admit

Look at my Gun! Look at it....

Obviously a large amount of tidying up to be done with the cockpits and in particular the Fire Prism's gun but 3 colours in evidence. I finally managed to use some yellow with the army and I suspect the Spiritseer will see some of that as well to help make him unique.

So what's the state of play then?

1 Wraithguard awaiting basing
9 Wraithguard awaiting highlighting / basing
2 Wave Serpents awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Wraithlord awaiting highlighting / basing
1 Crimson Hunter awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Fire Prism awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Spiritseer on the painting table
2 Vypers on their way from the supplier

The plan this weekend is to paint the Spiritseer and get the tidying up done. By the end of the weekend after the Vypers need to be base coloured as a minimum. That then leaves the final weekend for finishing the Vypers and basing the army.

Must find some time to read the Codex as well....

21 days to go

1 Jan 2014

Bits and pieces of painting

So, I've managed to get some relatively random bits of painting done as I couldn't stay focused enough to finish the daemon army (what a surprise!). Here are the results.....

First up, some saga figures. The Fox and I arranged a game a couple if months ago an in a fit of excitement I started on some of the figures I had lying around suck together but not yet painted. They are technically welsh, but as all the saga figures are hairy chaps I don't think it matter too much!

8 warriors, 4 hearthguard and a warlord are the ones done in this batch, with a green theme to tie them together (and no, I have no interest in trying to work out whether they could make green and whether it was expensive in the dark ages - I just like the shade and so used it!). Obviously I didn't get them finished for our game, but just having a game got me started on them and they're ready for next time as I now have 6 points painted up.

Next up are some reinforcements for my FoW Germans. I've had some old school artillery for ages, not painted (quite a theme with my stuff!) but here are some panzerwerfers and infantry guns to increase the options I have when playing.

I've also been working on lots of my dark eldar to get them done in a paint scheme I can be relatively proud of instead if the "only just three colours and not highlighted" that quite a lot of them were for the last tournament I attended.... I shall post them all together separately.