3 Feb 2016

Legio Vulcanum - The Big Build continues

It's been a busy old couple of days as I dive back in to the hobby. Life has generally been getting in the way for a couple of years but now I'm back.

And I'm bringing a whole new army with me!

Say hello to the Dark Mechanicum elements of the Legio Vulcanum who hailed originally from Stygies VIII. Why Dark Mechanicum? Well because my soul belongs to Khorne silly!

Above are the first 15 models. At the front the Sicarian Rustwalkers and at the rear a squad of Skitarri Vanguard.

I've worked out a 2000 point list and I've targeted 400-500 points a month to be painted. The above is 435 so a good start. 

It's a weird army in that there are no HQ choices for the Skitarri so I fully expect to be giving up Slay the Warlord on a regular basis; on the other hand we have some very unique weapons and skills so I expect quite the learning curve.

Bit of a challenge to paint these as I first need to undercoat them which means venturing outside. Bit breezy for ye olde spray cans... Still it wouldn't be fun otherwise. Right?

Back soon!

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JamieM said...

Now that really is being "back with a bang"!

Welcome back :)