30 Nov 2008

Woo hoooooo 500 pts finished!

Well guys I must admit that it's been a real struggle to find the enthusiasm for this project, however, now I have put the finishing touches to my Valhallan 342nd Regt. 10th co. 1st Veteran platoon I am back on the money.

My other addition is my Hellhound, this nice little piece can lay waste to swathes of horde armies on it's own!

Oh okay, who am I kidding right, they're Guard for Emporers sake, the butt of all jokes to do with getting arses kicked!

I want to change that, if I can...the last few games have seen mixed results, some of the bad ones will go down to a steep learning curve while some of the others are just down to the scariness of the opposing army and it being on me in 1 turn.......poor Guardsmen!

Still...next month sees my HQ choice with 4 Plasma Guns and a Tiger variant of the Leman Russ. Now this should kick butt!!

I hope!! ;-)


Silverback said...

WOO HOO - enthusiasm problems busted.

Looking good and remember these valhallans saved the game for you last time. You and Nick will only get better with your larger forces.

I think Nicks daemons are now rivalling you on the smallest planetry holding portfolio.

Von said...

Warm up the Pinky Plasma dice! Prepare the Oven Gloves.

Nice Hellhound. Well nice as long as it's not on the same table as my deep striking template shaped Daemons...

Planets? Totally over-rated...

Eddy Artillery said...

Oh Dear.......

Leman Russes and a Hellhound under the new vehicle rules.

Very Bad


BFG said...

Thanks guys!

I agree with the Siver Back, it can only get better.

As for the planets I think we have only lost 2...ahem....what do you mean we only had 3 to start!!!!

Ahaaar...shivvvver me timbers...it's a life on the galaxy tides for us boys....well til we nick (pun intended) a planet off the other army that misses a lot....what...he hasn't any left either....oh pants!....Err I mean, by the Emporer!

BFG said...

Oh and we have the Orky 5+ dice for all those plasma saves don't you know!