3 Nov 2008

Bring your Governers Daughter to the ....

Well the majority of Royal Navy gang/crew/posse/army are now complete. I just have the crew of the ship to do.

I loved doing the marines, and I certainly enjoyed doing the governers daughter........... ahem yes.

Anyway, as usual our camera doesn't really cut the mustard with the up close and personal photos of the minis - but here they are. Please excuse the basing - another job to do!


JamieM said...

Lovely stuff!

I'm tempted to paint mine next now. Or maybe to do pirates so I can duff up your prissy marines ;)

Von said...

Love the basing! What did you use for it?

Pirates? What? Does that mean we're getting ever so close to another game to learn and spend money on? Excellent...!

Silverback said...

I learnt my basing skills in the same workshop you did :p

JamieM said...

I like the way the officer is standing in a coalfield.

Shows him to be a man of the people ;)

And i thought you'd already put your order in for pirates to man that pirate ship you bought Mr Jenkin?

Von said...

Twas a good basing school wasn't it?

And erm not quite yet purchased said pirates. Work kind of took over this weekend so no time to do much else.

Saturday might be free though for spending!!

Silverback said...

I can recommed the Black Scorpion website, you can purchase from the comfort of your own home then!!!