20 Nov 2008

Damned attention span, or lack thereof....

Well, I was hoping that I'd be posting my next completed 250 points and my completed pirate crew with this post, but alas it was not to be. "Why not?" I hear you ask "didn't you have today off, you slacker?", well, yes, yes I did. I did really well in the morning, highlighting the pirate crew and getting really close to finishing the sisters, but then the curse of the wargamer struck. I had a "Great Idea For A New Project Before I'd Finished The Last One".

Now when a GIFANPBIFTLO strikes there's really very little you can do. Especially if it's one of those ones that means you use some bits that have been lying around for years because when you bought them you thought "Wow, these things'll be great!!!!" and then more GIFANPBIFTLOs struck after you'd bought them meaning you never actually used them. Well, this was one of those times. I'd had some moulded plasticard sitting around in the garage for years, fully intending to use them at some point and then never doing so. And when I bought the heater for the garage, it came with some squarish polysterene bits (and we all know the only proper response to polystyrene packaging is "Wow, I'll keep these as they'll be really handy one day!").

And so, it struck - I decided to combine the two and make some buildings for use with pirates! Having built the cowboy buildings as shells which were hollow inside, I decided that sticking the moulded plasticard to the buildings would be a great way to speed up the process! So please see attached pictures of the buildings in progress. Just need to wait for them to dry and stick on the AW windows and doors, get some roofs on and then a quick lick of paint and they'll hopefully be ready for next weekend! I've also adde one showing the polystyrene block that I hadn't started when I took the photos. It's now being converted into a grand house though, so hopefully I can get all 4 made in time as well as finishing the pirate crew....


Eddy Artillery said...


Catch up Varistat!

I'll scare myself if I count the number of 'work in progress' projects I have at the moment

I want to win the lottery - not for the money - just so I would have time to finish some of my GIFANPBIFTLOs!

Silverback said...

I hate it when those GIFANPBIFTLOs hit. I keep resisting the Eldar Army, City Fight terrain etc - but one day I have to see them through.

Now back to my new project that I have started to make Ork vehicles from washing up bottles and sticky plastic