3 Nov 2008


As we enter November you'll be ready to try out your first 250 points in battles in the Braggina Riteous system; the draw was made last week so here are the systems each of you calls home:

BFG: Connery
Eddy: Lazenby
Silverback: Moore
Varistat: Dalton
No Name: Brosnan
SilverFox: Craig

Each of you will need to pick a home planet so expect an email shortly. The email will also contain all the planets. All you need to do after your battles is post here with which planet you fought over and the result so that I can keep track of it all and ensure no confusion!

Ensure you post the battle report here for all to see and to make sure you don't miss those Bragging Rights!! Pictures if you can as well please...!


JamieM said...

I assume we're going to have to go for doubles games this month on the basis we only have 250 points each?

Von said...

No idea! Make it up as we go along. Looking on the bright side a 250 point game isn't going to take long.

We'll land and then get shot to pieces by every other army. Game Over!

Silverback said...

Does each system have a set of special rules - ie do I get wooden defences in deference to the action style of Mr Moore.

250pts is still going to take me some time to set up!!

Von said...

I believe you will be able to use an Eyebrow Attack once per game.

Not sure what it does yet mind you.

And it's not our fault it'll take you ages to set up. My army setup will take mere tenths of a second so there! ;-)