23 Feb 2009

Deep striking in with 1250 Points

What a busy month this has been! Spent the first 3 weeks putting together my 2000 points of Tzeentch for the Rhondda Valley tournie - pictures to follow at some point.

Somehow I've found the time to add my 250 points for this month as well (don't want to miss out on points!!).

So here's the fancy new Heavy Support choice: Call him MISTER Daemon Prince. He'll be Tzeentch'ed up hence the blue and gold armour.

Next up my new favourite model: a Bloodcrusher. The Juggernaut paints up really easily. This chap was painted on a Friday afternoon in a B&B in Aberdare, Wales. He was then finished off after the Rhondda Valley tournie on the Saturday night whilst catching up with Match of the Day.
And finally a quick 35 points needed for the month - The 5th Flamer!
After a few games at the lower points values I've decided that small troop units with 5+ saves are just not cutting the mustard. So my army list has changed considerably (whilst not losing anything already painted); out go the planned Pink Horrors and Flesh Hounds. Final list at this time has...
Lord of Change
Flamers (x5)
Bloodcrushers (x4)
Bloodletters (x16)
Daemonettes (x17)
Plaguebearers (x10)
Heavy Support
Soul Grinder
Daemon Prince

Next Month: Bloodletters, Daemonettes and another Bloodcrusher I think...


Silverback said...

Looking good, and looking mean

I think that I want to play your army a lot more at the lower levels so I can avoid you at the larger levels.

I think that growing the army in 250pt chunks has helped us all develop the army, its capabilites and orbat. In the past I have written a list, made it and then used it and then discarded bits that don't work. This has been a lot more considered in its approach!

Especially for the BFG who is on the Imperial Guard List Version 28

Eddy Artillery said...

I've got a very nasty feeling about Nick's army - think it is going to hurt!!

Eddy Artillery said...

Due to my apparent inability to create new posts at the moment I had better just acknowledge that my 1250, like Silverfox's, will be doing an awful lot of deep striking.

Captain plus kit
Two 10 man Tactical Squads
With two tooled up Razorbacks
Three Termie Squads, two of 5 and one of six with a heavy flamer

Good job I had painted all the Termies together cos I've had a month of being distract by other projects.

JamieM said...

Scary? Heck yes. My only real ray of hope is that Nidzilla doesn't seem to do so well under the new rules so perhaps this army will have to watch out for that? Hey, I didn't say it was a big ray of hope now did I ;)

Von said...

The Nidzilla comparison does worry me a little; the main difference I see is that my troops are not relying on Synapse to make us fearless. Must admit I'm tending to think along the lines of wiping the enemy out as my viable tactic rather than worrying about too many objectives!
The other factor is that my Plaguebearers going to ground on an objective should make them especially tough to clear out so if I can clear all other objectives then I'll win 1-0. Hmmm, I think the Daemons are turning into Arsenal....

Silverback said...

Does that mean every time one of your opponent's units moves the Arsenal Daemons will stop, put an arm up in the air and cry their battlecry of 'OFFSIDE'???

As for you, you can use a Wengerism and when anybody asks you how you lost that game you can claim you didn't see it.....

BFG said...

Foxy...I am liking the look of the list now! That Demon Prince is nice, you not going for wings on him?

BFG said...

SB good point on the building being a huge learning curve and redevelopment being a must!

My list is still not quite finished as I have now added Ogryn with transport!

Von said...

BFG - Wings are too expensive points wise for my liking (60 of the bleeding things). With a 4+ save (Tzeentch!) I'm hoping he'll survive a turn of shooting and then waltz into combat. Time will tell...