26 May 2016

Now for some ever so slightly better pictures.

The Infinitys guys got a lick of varnish and base trimming last night. Here are some slightly better photos but I am coming to the conclusion that I really must invest in a light box to get a better quality of piccie for the blog.

 Zhanshi follows the original colour scheme that I'd used apart from me adding a bit of white detailing on his torso armour. I also used a slightly lighter grey to paint the weapons, one which seems to show the gun details better after the addition of the army painter.

The two Domarus are mainly monchrome white and grey but there is colour is the underlayer.  

Like the Zhanshi, the celestial guard is pretty consistent with my previous limited pallet choices. I think this style of painting suits the infinity figures pretty well.

After those were done I cracked on with the KoB.

Gaudy aren't they! The main green colour will go on after the brass and then the steel for the tracks. Then they'll all be given an total wash of Nuln Oil to bring all the colours right down. Hopefully the brass will be subdued down to just being bright rather than the painful bling it currently has. The green seemed to take the Nuln Oil well on the test and the steel always comes out looking really nice under that wash.

Ever hungry to get more done......I finished construction of the pile'o'crates at work today. Weather permitting tomorrow, I might be able to get a spritz of paint on these in the car park during tomorrows lunch break.


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