24 May 2016

A diverting side project.

As I'm so easily distracted by other projects it probably shouldn't be a surprise that I've started something else at the same time as working on the Infinity figures, DW KoB and putting together my DL stuff.

In the Spartan scenics sets there are some nice little squares provided pre-etched with details to spruce up the insides of the corridors and rooms. Personally I don't think they're needed once furniture and scatter terrain is added mainly because the sides of the corridors slope inwards which would make them hard to actually see.

So what to do with these instead then?

Crates. Oddles of crates to be even more scenery for infinity. Quick spot of PVA and they go together quite easily. A quick squirt of spray paint and they'll be all but finished.*

This little lot should make about 25+ boxes.


*This is a lie. They are simple crates that would be just fine with a blast of spray. I however will probably end up picking out some of the details and trying to get them done in a variety of colours to make them more interesting thus creating a shed load more work for myself. I'm like that I am.


Junt said...

Good use of some spare stuff, keep the productivity up.

JamieM said...

Excellent idea! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who adds to my workload unnecessarily.....!