12 May 2016

Progress on all fronts

Despite my children's attempts to stop me getting anything done I still managed to get some more done on the first wave of my DW PE last night.

I gave them all a wash of Devlan Mud. I was hoping that it would pick out the detail a bit more and to some extent it has but it also added a touch more mottling than I would have hoped for. That aside I am still fairly pleased with how much of the detail has been retained on these models.

Just the basing to do on these and I'm not quite sure how to proceed with that as I normally do a black base highlighted up with browns for 28mm figures. Somehow I think that will be odd looking at this scale. I shall quiz the Spartan forums to see what others have done.

Also managed to get a couple more DL done at lunch today.

The pile is growing.....slowly.



Junt said...

looks really good and really worth the extra effort in the way that you chose to paint them

Eddy Artillery said...

Took fecking ages to get the main colour on. Four coats of paint on each one!

But worth it to keep the detail.

JamieM said...

They looks smashing, excellent work at such a small scale. I don't have the patience for 4 coats!

Eddy Artillery said...

I'm surprised I did!