20 May 2016

On to the next thing.

So PE DW land forces wave one are finished. Phew. I enjoyed painting them but staring at the same figures when batch painting does wear....a ....little thin after a couple of weeks.

So to provide a nice change I slapped some paint on a couple of, soon to be deployed, infinity troopers. A Celestial Guard, two Domarus and a Zhanshi. These, along with several I already have painted, will provide me with my first proper 100 point 2SWC list. Urn and I have flirted with Infinity but now it is time to get serious, engage fully with the rules and escalate the conflict!!!

I am really looking forward to this. It is a scenery heavy game which I really like and between Urn and I we have some really nice scenery to play on.

I'm sticking to the limited pallet that I used for my other Yu Jing so these shouldn't take that long to do. I hope.

I also got some reinforcements through for my DW KoB forces. The KoB were rather outnumbered by the PE so I decided to even the match at bit. Trimmed, bases textured and sprayed today in time to go home this evening. I'll be starting on them as soon as the infinity figures are done. More big batch painting but it'll be worth it to finally have the bulk of the DW forces done. After that I'll have to get some scenery knocked together.

I really do have a lot of toys.




Junt said...

keep it up, i'm itching to finish my canadians then crack on with the new table

JamieM said...

I can only assume those DW tanks aren't brand new?!?!? Infinity figures are a great idea, I'll have to move my nomads along so we have two different forces to fight with!