25 May 2016

And now for some badly washed out WIP piccies!

Yeah these are pretty awful photos. They have only just been varnished and are very glossy here so they will look a lot better after tonight when they'll be receiving a coat of matt varnish.

Will try better tonight with the photos.

Firstly two Domarus. I like their segmented armour but absolutely love the braided under garments that peak out between the armour plates. I painted them a plain pastel sort of green colour and the army dip has picked them out really well. I can't wait to see how they look after the varnish.

Next up is Mr Celestial Guard. He is very menacing in his full face mask.

 Lastly is the Zhanshi.

Varnish and base edges to be painted and then these guys are ready.....just in time for tomorrow night's game vs Urn.

Then back to the DW stuff and the massed KoB forces. After that I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more infinity troops get done as its been a nice distraction for a week.



Junt said...

Good little distraction now get back to work on the DW and DL

Eddy Artillery said...

Alright alright! Bit bossy ain't we?

Junt said...

take longer for lunch and get more done :-)