9 Dec 2008

Another 250 bites the dust - UPDATED

I know you are going to be shocked and look at the date in amazement, but with one eye on the festive season, I wanted to get my 250 done early.

So here we go.

Wazdakka Gutsmek - 180pts

Warboss with bike, Power Klaw and Boss Pole - 65 pts

Total 245pts. Now if anyone wants me to do another 5pts to qualify for the month then I can paint a boss pole ready for another Nob to have at some point in the future. But I am sure this will stand as is. Basing to be completed in the next couple of days.

So why Wazdakaa? Well for 180 points he is on the expensive side, but allowing bikes to be used as troops gives me the mobility needed to capture objectives with multiple options. I also like the fluff of Speed Freeks as they seem right to me for Orky Looniness.

He is as long as a Chimera (ooo er Missus) and about half as wide, as you can see here

Now for size reference, the Nob is slightly larger than a normal Ork Biker. Wazdakka is considerable larger than him and is actually not far off the same as a Chimera......


BFG said...


Eddy Artillery said...


Beaten by a couple of days.

My next 250 will be up soon!!!

Nice work on the scary biker matety!

Von said...

I have enough trouble killing normal bikers! Nicely done mate - far too quick with this painting lark for us mortals!!

BFG said...

Mr SB, that has to be one of the best you have painted to date.....I love the look of the Warboss on the bike...superb!!!