22 Mar 2014

Dragons? In SAGA...

Well it's been a while. How are we all doing?

In an effort to wrestle the Blog away from Eddy (good work by the way on the scenery - very nice and looking forward to playing on that) here's what is currently on my painting table:

Sssh. Don't tell Urn that the Scots have found a reinforcement...
I've been struggling to find time to paint since the Eldar Challenge (picture below) due to a work trip to the US and, well, late nights. So I've finally decided I just need to paint whatever takes my fancy at the time... it's not like I don't have shelves of unpainted minis for a dozen games sat waiting.

You'll see a Forgefiend destined for my favourite 40K army - World Eaters. He's got some tidying up to be done and some Dynasty level shoulder pads to be put on. Then it's the washes which should turn him a shade of orange.

In front of him are the remaining Scots for SAGA. They've just been stuck on their bases and next up is the challenge of the spear insertion. Believe me it's as fun as it sounds! These 20 gentlemen give me 8 warriors and 12 levy and take me up to a massive 6 points. Which is a big game in the SAGA world and a total army of 45 models. The Forgefiend is optional.

After that? I don't know to be honest and that suits me fine right now. Paint what I want whenever the whim takes me.

As promised here's my Eldar army at the event end of January. Still need to complete the highlighting on the vehicles but otherwise a challenge beaten.

yes there is a Wraithguard missing. He'd just been hit hard by a dice and is licking his wounds off to the side


Eddy Artillery said...

Eldar looking great mate!

I don't know why but when it comes to resisting SAGA y shields are at 100%.

Doesn't flick my switch at all.

JamieM said...

Good to see the purple menace all together on the tabletop!

Nice to see Saga still hanging in there, definitely good to get a few more games together.... along with the eleventy seven other syetems we have on the go :)

Silverback said...

They should be norsemen with that dragon at their heels