18 Feb 2010

Pods! Pods! Come get your pods!

They new Nid codex has a lovely new addition to the army......

MYCETIC SPORES!!! Huzzah deep striking Carnifexs!!!!

Ummmm.....no model release from GW. Off to the drawing board we go!!!!!!!

I decided to do a two part construction to A) reduce the number of castings B) make putting the pods together easier. I drew one side of the pod on a piece of folded card and them cut it out (old snowflake making styleeee!) This gave me a silhouette that if I kept the master to those boundaries then both sides would match during construct.

I used a core of screwed up tin foil covered with super-sculpy. The super -sculpy is great for this sort of thing because you can sculpt then bake that section dry before sculpting more. Means that you can get a lot of the sculpting done in a short space of time.

After the master was made it was a simple matter of creating a mold from RTV silicon. I'll shove some more piccies up soon.......!

1 comment:

Silverback said...

This is awesome and proves you are the conversion and super sculpy master!!

Love the pods and their arms!