1 Aug 2012

Getting things finished!

Yup! I'm still trying to get the masses of bits and bobs done. It is going to be a long haul but posting finished things does give a helpful boost to ones moral! One of the King & Kerr buildings finished and the Cafe De Normandie from Warbases. Both were lovely to paint with the detail really making it a quick job on the King & Kerr one.

But. The K & K ones take a little work to get to get to this stage. I had one or two with what seemed to be miscast windows so I had to cut all the windows out on those ones and there was a fair amount of flash on certain parts. Not unsurmountable but a bit of a pain. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of the king and Kerr ones done this week as well.


JamieM said...

The warbases one has come out particularly well as I was concerned that the flat MDF may look like a poor relation to the detailed resin, but it looks smashing!

I'm glad I saved money by missing out on the battlefront Normandy houses now.... As I shall promptly spend that saved cash on miniatures instead :)

Eddy Artillery said...

As part of my 'getting things sorted' campaign I am getting each type of terrain stowed in its own transport so these buildings will be available at any time if you want to borrow them.

Might be fun to try FoW with a more built up scenery lay-out?

JamieM said...

Dave painted up a load of buildings and try work well with the new hills to provide a nicely "cluttered" battlefield, but these extras will allow us to add a small town when clustered together.

That's exactly what I've done with my scenery too and it works a treat for finding exactly what you need for each game - good to see you finding hobby time again!

BFG said...

Cool building Eddy, up to your usual standard.

I love 'em!

pulpcitizen said...

Not a FoW player, but a hobbyists who sees the importance of 'getting things done' so well done for getting these things 'out of the way' so to speak!

Von said...

Ah the joys of getting things done.

Um. Not quite at that stage here.

Lovely looking buildings though and as I did plump for the FoW Western Front houses we'll be able to build Caen soon!

Silverback said...

They look up to your usual high standard