30 Nov 2014

Razor wing painting complete

Here she is, the painted Razorwing to add a little more flight to my Dark Eldar force. Same paint job as the rest of the crew, with the eye based decals as I liked the look of them on the flyer.

I used the Eddie Artillery patented "black plus gloss varnish" on the canopy to make it loo space age.... And save me having to paint a pilot :)

Bizarrely I only had this kit for a month or so before building it, which is extremely quick for me! Smashing little kit, fun and easy to put together.

In other news, I've joined a painting challenge on the internet! Looks like cracking fun and I'm hoping it encourages me to get a load of stuff done. You can follow the progress of the large number of participants here:



Eddy Artillery said...

Very Nice!!

Phil said...

Great job!

pulpcitizen said...

It looks great. Well done sir. :)