15 Dec 2016

He looks a bit Goofy at the moment...

...but this bad boy is destined to become a DREAD SAURIAN!!!

Quake in fear!

Yeah. Looks a bit dum at this stage but there'll be modelling clay round the horns to merge them into the body and some extra armour plates. I'll be adding some harness straps to hang Seraphon-esque adornments from. Quietly hopeful on this one.

The Seraphon painting pile is also enjoying progress and the big infantry mob got their yellow wash last night. Now its the long task of picking out all the spears, jewelry, shields & claws etc etc. I really want to smash this job and have the lion share done before Xmas.

Lunchtime work is also coming along as I continue to prep other stuff for the 365 challenge. Firstly more Dystopian Legions.

A Kingdom of Britainnia Tank....

...and a Prussian Zappy Killy artillery thingy.

I nailed the last two Pulp City figures and also knocked together the free White Dwarf Gorechosen figure. Great game. Ask the Silverfox. He lost his head over it! Twice!  ;-)


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Junt said...

Stealing the kids toys!!!! Bad lead addict :)