13 Sept 2019

Random distractions

My efforts have been somewhat lacking in direction following the completion of the Mustafar set so I’ve been following my muse and just picking up little bits that took my fancy.

After finishing the scrap cars for my pulp city scenery collection, I thought I might do some of the other little incidental bits as some of them have been hanging around for years. First off were some generic bits including tables, chairs & beds. Quick and easy!

I got a TTcombat arcade a couple of years ago. I’ve not painted the building yet but the idea of painting an arcade machine tickled me.

Random build. WWII sentry post.


Colours was at the weekend and this mdf kit caught my eye. Rickety and characterful. I’m looking forward to painting it!


All this contemporary scenery stuff got my juices following for a bit of superhero gaming so we broke out the town for a game.

YTD 308


TamsinP said...

Who was selling that MDF kit? I don't remember seeing it on the stalls at Colours.

It does look a great model - I saw Black Magic Craft on Youtube building and painting it the other week.

Eddy Artillery said...

I can't remember which stall it was but they were a reseller. It's from the Gloomburg range.


Lovely kit!

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