28 Sept 2008

Because i gotta have faith... Ooooh, i gotta have, faaaaith....

Right, from the cryptic title to my post, the bigger George Michael fans amongst you (I'm looking at you Silverback) may well have deduced that I'm talking about faith. Faith in my ability to draw up an unbeatable list that I'll use to beat all the rest of you? Heck no. I'm talking about good, honest faith points that a full Sisters of Battle army will produce, as that's the army I'm now intending to take (assuming the marine codex isn't so exciting that I lose my head and go for them instead!)

I currently have a witchhunters army, but it's pretty heavily skewed towards the inquisition (who nobody expects, due to fear & surprise being their chief weapons, well, fear surprise and....) so I thought I'd chuck all them inquisitorial folk out and get a full Sisters list in place for this little tale

Now then, for the list.....

Canoness w. eviscerator
Canoness w. blessed weapon (I know, I know, 2 canonesses is a bit beardy, but Palatines are just rubbish by comparison!)

9 Celestian retinue w. heavy flamer, flamer, Veteran sister with eviscerator & rhino
9 Celestian retinue w. heavy flamer, flamer, Veteran sister with eviscerator & rhino (one each for the Canonesses - count as retinue so give them some protection once the Orkal hordes hit home)

10 sisters - heavy flamer, melta gun, VSS with power weapon & rhino
10 sisters - heavy flamer, melta gun, VSS with power weapon & rhino
10 sisters - 2 x melta gun, VSS with power weapon
10 sisters - 2 x storm bolter, VSS with power weapon

6 retributors with 3 heavy bolters

Only 4 troops compared to everybody elses hordes, but as sister squads are 10 bodies min. squad size, I need to take celestians to get space in the rhinos for the Canonesses!

"But wait" I hear you cry "don't you have a whole load of those miniatures already painted - how are you going to get painting points?!?!?!?" Well, it's true, I do have about 750 points of that lot already painted. However, my cunning plan is to use those spare months to produce a cityfight board with all the scenery that I've had sitting around for what seems like years.... Hopefully my fellow GOGs will award me points for producing that instead of sisters as that'll give us something nice to fight over (especially for those of that brought flamers to the party... Like me!)

So that's the plan for now, but be sure to check back in an hour, when I'll likely have changed my mind & my army list ;)


Eddy Artillery said...

Silverback is just going LOOOOVVVEEEE all those flamers!!! Hee Hee!

Von said...

I've only got 4 scoring troop choices as well (Nurglings are swarms so cannot hold objectives) and yours are 3+ armour save witches - er - sisters.

Going to have to be soooooooo careful where I deep-strike against that many template weapons!

JamieM said...

I'm hoping everybody comes to love the flamer template ;) I've never really had much time for it (I'm a plasma kind of guy at heart) so if I do go ahead with this lot it'll be something totally different for me.

As as "Divine Guidance" now mirrors the new rending rules I think that'll be fun with a couple of templates in a squad....

BFG said...

Coool, all them Nobs on bikes are a must shoot target, however having fought one very much the same, I can honestly sat that they are a real pain to bring down....T5, Inv 5+, 4+ sv and the FnP rule, oh and the Urty syringe!! Naaaasty