15 Sept 2008

The Plan: Tale of the 6 Goggers

So there we were looking at all our mountains of unpainted miniatures and moaning (well we are Grumpy afterall) about the lack of time to paint it all when suddenly up pops an idea; why don't we emulate the White Dwarf article and do our own version of the Tale of X Gamers? This way we can paint small bits each month and still remain sane (remain? hmmm, me thinks sanity left a while ago). Why not we said and thus was born our Tale.

The plan: Paint 250 points every month from 1st October 2008 for 7 months (end April 2009). This will give us a legal 1750 point army just in time for the Sad Muppet Society annual 40K tournament, A Small Matter of Honour, in Basingstoke.

So we've all gone off to pick our armies, some of us much quicker than others (I'm looking at you VariStat Man ;-)). During the 7 months we will use our newly painted 250 points every month in battles that will make up a mini campaign that is taking place in the lesser known system of Braggina Riteous. You'll probably see the results of those battles posted here.

We have a point system worked out to determine a winner etc and we'll detail this a bit more as we go along. At the end of this we intend to have firstly an Apocalypse game with all 6 1750 point armies which should be awesome (this will be fought on the world of Fleming Bond). And then we have another idea up our sleevies for a real ending to our Tale, something that will get the drink flowing and the dice a rolling - although for now that is staying under wraps until we've sorted out the details.

So there we have it. We're off into the world of the Tale of 6 Goggers; we'll all keep you posted right here at AGOGonline on our progress at least once a month (it's worth a point after all) and you might see our new armies out there soon.

Wish us luck; I think we might just need it - especially given our track record for being distracted by other gaming systems at the drop of a hat.... cowboys? Oh let's......... :-)

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Silverback said...

Liked that so much I made it the intro to the site as well!

You are a real expert at this - consider a career in IT young(ish) man.