13 Dec 2008

Say hello to my Little Friend

Here's my 250 points for the month - all tied up in this little, harmless chap. His main colours are the ones I've used on the other 3 units so far; red, blue and purple.

His skin is Mordian Blue with a Azurman Blue wash and then highlighted with Enchanted Blue.
Cloak is Astronomicon Grey with 2 coats of Leviathan Purple wash then Dwarf Bronze on all the chains and edging.
Wings are Mechrite Red with Baal Red wash and then drybrushed with Blood Red, Blazing Orange and Sunburst Yellow.
Yep - lots of foundation paints and washes. And then some drybrushing so as not to upset Silverback!

Next month I'll use some of my allowance to give him some extra psychic powers...


Silverback said...

Good work on such an awkward model to paint.

I started to look at the figures in the background to name them - but realised that was last months challenge.

Thanks for the drybrushing note!!

Eddy Artillery said...


Its Big Bird!!!


BFG said...

Gulp, a great wiiiingeeed creature, ideal for flappin' over to my nice new shiny guard lines and rippin' through them.

Should I have gone for an Ogryn support unit I wonder? (Naaah with the same toughness as an Ork or Spacemarine they would die horribly as well!)
Lets mob it with the 40 conscripts!!!!!! Yaaay!