23 Mar 2009

Blitzing Daemons

It's been a very busy week; blitz painting the Daemons after someone said we'd need to bring forward the end event to April!!

So this week 30 models went from box/blister to painted and the Nurglings are nearly done: this will then give me 1750 points. Still not satisfied though so going to try and get 2 Bloodcrushers done to give me some variations.

So what 30 models did I do? Glad you asked...

Plaguebearers first. Dheneb Stone base coat; Khemri Brown blobs here and there; Thraka Green wash and Gryphonne Sepia wash over that. Simple and, I reckon, effective.

Up close and personal

Another 10 Daemonettes; little squad of 20 now possible.

And another 10 Bloodletters giving me a non-lethal squad of 20. Don't worry about this lot; please feel free to let the 20 of them charge you :-)
Anyway... now onto Bloodcrushers, Bloodthirster and other non GW games.


Eddy Artillery said...


I get the feeling the Silver Fox's army is going to be nasty!!!

JamieM said...

They do look nice (and they smashed me up the other evening) but where's the basing?!?!?! i demand a steward's enquiry! :)

Von said...

They've got bases... what more do you want?! Basing is going on right now during my exciting month end work!