26 Aug 2015


It feels like these have taken an absolute age to finish.

Unsurprisingly seeing as they have been sprayed, dry-brushed in three different colours, had four different colours painted on and then all thirty six panels have had individually uniquely printed transfers added. Sheesh! I really do make work for myself. Still I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

One really good part of the spartan scenics is their modularity and in particular the side panels on the hubs as they don't get glued in place so that you can hook them up with other scenic sets. This is what led me to the idea that they could be reversible. Great for Infinity with lots of more brightly coloured adverts making the set less grimy and industrial.

What next?

I should be painting infantry but I've also got two more sets of the Spartan Scenics to do. Yup. Even more of this stuff! I love it!



pulpcitizen said...

Excellent work. A very nicely painted terrain set to my eye. :)

BFG said...

Whoa! A lot of work Eddy, however worth every minute mate. These look great and will fit into any of our battlefields of the distant future.