4 Mar 2018

Hat in the Ring for GoGX

I was enjoying an evening in my hotel in Budapest. Work was over finally for the day. Room service had just delivered dinner and the Merlot was going down a treat.

Then my ipad pinged as a message came through: "GoGX is a Go"

I like to think that this code phrase sparked a sleeper cell in to action and off I went on a journey of discovery and intrigue... but that's not what happened. What actually happened was "WTF is GoGX?".

You see when I travel my personal mobile stays on airplane mode or as we like to call it "Don't call me Shirley" mode. Anyway Jabber is not available to me so I was oblivious.

Of course I signed up immediately and in an effort to finally paint all the stuff on my shelves I've opted to, er, well I've decided to, erm... look the simple matter is I want to do an army that isn't Chaos so yes I've gone for a completely new army... sigh...

The Daughters of Khaine.

And I can't even show you any models as I don't own any! The Battletome has just been released so I'll be getting to grips with that once I'm back from my next trip to Budapest. Lord knows what the GoGs will have signed up for by the time I get back...

Anyway I'm officially in and looking forward to getting to grips with the good guys who worship the God of Slaughter... um. Right.

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