21 Jan 2019

Trees and Deserts

Lots to do this year but I've found myself stymied by the current contents of the painting shelf.

My Sylvaneth have been half done for a number of months now and I can't bring myself to pack away unfinished figures in the fear that they'll never see the light of day again.

I have therefore resolved to paint them before continuing with anything else or starting any new projects.

They are straight forward in theory as they are predominately being drybrushed however this is taking longer than I expected as some of the extremities are a bit flimsy and I'm having to be fairly cautious.

Blues and white are added after the greens and browns to try and get a magical glow to the sigils.

 Not much more to do and then they can have some varnish and their foliage added.

I've also done a few more colour tests for my Martian gaming mat. I'm leaning towards the scheme on the right but with lighter highlights as found on the other two samples.

I shall muse on that a while longer.


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