30 May 2019

Mustafar progress 2

Chipping away at the different pieces for the walkway set. There's still a long away to go but I'm getting there!

All pieces are made now and a couple need their last spray to cover the exposed wood on the edges.

I'm generally happy with how the colour scheme is going. I suspect that I will find the three coats of red to be quite tedious in the end but at the moment I'm still nicely motivated.

I need to start thinking about the lava sections as well. I've got some 3mm foamed PVC ready as the base and some pink foam for the craggy bits soI think I'm all good to go on that part. I'll need to take over the dining room table for a few evenings so I have space enough to work on those bits.


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Michael Awdry said...

It is really coming along.