13 May 2019

Project: Mustafar

I've got my mitts on the kits I need for my Mustafar/Mars scenery set now thanks to the excellent folks at Blotz!

Loads to do but I needed to pin down my colour scheme before getting stuck in. I'd painted the Blotz demo ones white but I wanted to go dark with my set to fit in with dark volcanic look for the table.

So I started with a black under coat. I usually spray them whilst they are still on the flat sprue and then again after construction. This avoids any difficulties getting the spray into nooks and crannies after putting the kits together.

After undercoating I gave the center of the platform a dry brush of medium grey as I wanted to break up the black and give the panels alternative contrasts. The main body was very dark so I picked out the detail on the leg panels and painted the platform edges and rail supports.

After that I tinkered with colours until settling on the ones shown. I want to pick out a couple of details with gold but this is essentially it now.

Right! Just a ton more to paint.


1 comment:

Michael Awdry said...

Already look very cool!