15 Sept 2008

The Daemonic Fox Awakens

Yes it's true; I'm going to produce a Chaos Daemon Army.

Why? Well why ever not? Actually this was very nearly an Eldar army but having looked at the vast mountain of unpainted stuff I decided, quite sensibly for a change, that I should really paint an army that I've already got a fair bit for; so here come the Daemons.

The other reason for this army is my poor old Lord of Change. Once upon a time he was a great winged creature that terrorized the armies of the universe wherever he went; in particular he used to upset my Aspiring Champions but that's a different story. Then along came the new Chaos Codex and suddenly he wasn't a Lord of Change - he'd morphed into a Greater Daemon without wings. This upset him, together with his Flamers and Screamers who had somehow become Lesser. So they went and sat on the shelf.

Until now.... now they're back and this time it's Chaosy.

I'll get a picture up once I'm back in the UK of the bits as they stand but my initial army list (subject to massive amounts of change) looks something like this:

HQ - Lord of Change with options
Elites - 4 Flamers
Elites - 2 Bloodcrushers
Troops - 10 Bloodletters with trimmings
Troops - 10 Daemonettes with extra curves
Troops - 10 Plaguebearers with extra stuffing
Troops - 10 Pink Horrors with the Changeling upgrade (read it; it's great)
Troops - 4 Nurgling bases (T3 and cannot be instant killed! yay)
Fast Attack - 5 Screamers
Heavy Support - Daemon Prince with Tzeentch stuff
Heavy Support - Soul Grinder cos it's lovely

As I say this is subject to massive change; right now I have all of that except the Plaguebearers and Pink Horrors - those I'm going to keep for as long as possible in the vain hope that some new plastics come out?! OK maybe not

October through December will see me painting the Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Flamers and re-doing enough of the Lord of Change to make sure I qualify for the painting points that month!

This is going to be fun!!!! :-)


Silverback said...

They shall all die to my rapid firing bolters.....

no scrap that, they shall all die to my rapid firing splinter cannons

No scrap that - 'it em boyz

Silverback said...

On searching google you can find many Demonic Fox images as he is an anime character - maybe one you could combine with that Infinity game

Von said...

Found the Fox character. Excellent as he's a misunderstood character who has been labelled as "bad"; much like my Daemons! Will use as my avatar for a while...