16 Sept 2008

I'll do Marines!... o, wait... Daemons!... no, wait...Guard!...no, wait

Well, as the cryptic title of this post alludes to, I don't know which army to collect for this epic struggle....

As with many gamers, my loft is absolutely chock full of miniatures I bought so I could do Army X. Will I ever get around to doing Army X? Of course not. Will that stop me buying enough miniatures so that I can one day do Army Y which has about the same chance of being made as Army X? Of course not. That's why I think this tale is such a great idea, as it may well force me to get the pieces down for Army X and actually make it a reality!

However, a detailed review of the miniatures in my loft proved that actually I didn't have enough miniatures to make any 1 single army, just enough to make several part armies.

Oh dear.

That meant I was going to have to buy more figures to sit in the loft.

And even worse, it meant I had pretty much no guidance as to what army to collect and make for this.

So whilst everyone else involved has decided and is planning out their armies, I'm currently considering them all..... Given the nice shiny new AoBR boxsets have landed and I've traded away my Orks for Marines, surely a Marine army would be a great idea? If so, which sort given the new codex gives so many new options..... Or should I use them as Chaos Marines with some conversions? Or should I use all those daemons I have sitting around for a daemon army? Or should I use all those imperial guardsmen sitting around and make an army of them, presumably just in time for the rumoured new codex early next year?

I don't know. I just don't know. And I now only have 2 weeks to decide. Although I'm using the excuse that the marine codex isn't out until 4 October to give myself some breathing space.

If that inspires me, it'll be Marines. If not, it'll be daemons.

Or Guard.

Or Chaos Marines.



Von said...

Oh dear. Varistat strikes again! The only thing we can be sure of so far is that it'll be a 40K army; won't it? ;-)

Silverback said...

If you can't make a decision about the ones you have. Choose one you don't have, that way you won't upset the models in those not choosen.

Therefore do TAU

Eddy Artillery said...

Or Necrons....

Silverback said...

good point

The varistat rules would work well with Necrons. He does like the 'gun line' troops - dwarves, guard, SoB and Dark Eldar

JamieM said...

Much as i would love to just forget it all and do a new army, one of the points of doing this is to get some of the figures I have painted & on the tabletop!

And regarding whether it'll be a 40k army, it surely will, but may not use many 40k models :)

I've got 3 dreadnoughts, so perhaps i should do Iron hands....