31 Mar 2009

The Guard just got meaner!

Well Boys...here we are again....crank up the docking station and play Thin Lizzies "BOYZ ARE BACK IN TOWN" Loud!!!!!

Nice little Chimera with a cargo of 5 Ogryn and a Bone 'Ead! Nork Deddog actually! "The Wild Bunch"!
I am hoping that the snippetts of the new IG Codex means that I will have a chance of winning a game with these fellas eventually!
This should add some real meat to the reserves for the poor bloody infantry....who are still dying horribly by the way!

Next month I intend to add the last of the infantry and the Elites, along with my fast attack option...the Terminator killers!!

1 comment:

Silverback said...

Can I just point out that the Pred turret on the Chimera Rocks. It looks a hell of a lot better and gives the Chimera the right 'feel' for an APC.

Nice one centurion.