31 Mar 2009

Shock News Story - More Orks, but with different weapons

Well here we go, and just in the nick of time too.

This month brings you the delights of yet another Ork Trukk, but there is a twist, instead of the classic choppa slugga combination, these little beauties have shootas!! Why, well I have decided that having one squad with the 18" assault 2 S4 weapon, at the sacrafice of only 1 attack in CC gives me an alternative in dealing with horde armies. This lot come in at 151 pts, with the remainder of this months points being spent on 2 Deffkoptas with TL Rokkit launchers.

These have 2 wounds, act as jetbikes and Scout.

As you can see this trukk makes use of Eddie's white chocolate resin trakks for the back axle, making this trukk more like a ............ HanneOrk!!

Next month, well this month really, 2 Nob Bikers and 2 more Deffkoptas to finish it all off.


BFG said...

Dag nabbib sickon frasssin rassin fethin Orks!

Full Blatherin!

JamieM said...

Another power Klaw! Wouldn't it have been great if GW had ruled that shoota mobs couldn't have power klaws... perhaps a house rule to that effect gentlemen?!?!?!? And let's not tell Silverback before the 25th and then he'll be disqualified for having an illegal army! And yes, I am getting a little desperate after seeing what they did to the Guard ;)