8 Sept 2011

Malifaux - Branching Out 2

Finally, my ebay purchase of the Somer Teeth Jones crew has turned up.  I must admit I am truly dissappointed with the seller as they were all loose in a large jiffy bag, so they are pretty beat up.  It would also appear that in the absence of superglu, he has used plastic glue and blue tack to assemble all the figures.  So, this post is to show you a pic and let you see the transformation to them over the coming week or so.  The paint job is... adequate to be kind, so these are going for a dip in detol (other paint stripping products are available) once I have got the blu-tack out their little crevices.

Call me the Gok of Gaming !!!!

You can see the blu tack undercoated around the base of each piglet and the white on the back of the warpig.


Eddy Artillery said...

P**s poor Ebayer!

I sure that they will come up trumps under your ministrations tho'!

JamieM said...

Yeuch, blue tack and left to the mercy of the poor postie with bad packaging.

As Eddie says though, no doubt you'll turn 'em round and they can fight with the arcanists for the right to he on the tabletop :)